November 2, 2004
Election Day 2004

I know a few other people have said this, but I want every single person reading this who is eligible to vote in the United States of America to go and vote today. I don't care who you vote for, I don't care what your lame excuse for not voting is (There aren't a whole lot really valid, in my opinion). Just vote.

Why? Because we live in a democracy. And democracies only work the way they're supposed to when the leader is chosen by the people. All the people, not half, not sixty percent. And because the decision you make or don't make today affects me, a taxpaying citizen of the US. I'm sixteen right now. I have no say at all in the people who will govern me, which is why I'm sitting here, ranting to the people I care about, who can. And why it makes me so angry when they choose to do nothing.

Okay, end rant ^^ Will blog about weekend later, when I steal my soul back from video games.