November 22, 2004
Fate Mocks Me

I had this whole long coherent post half-written out, and then my computer died and I had to reboot >< Now, of course, I'm tired and not feeling inclined to write it all up again, so you all get another one of my lovely lists.

-A happy birthday to Seishirou - you're a crazy motherfucker, but I love you anyawy (Yes, I know, he's not real. I don't care ^^) Regular X outfit got worn to school today, although sans contacts, in honor of the occasion. There was going to be a new layout here, but I didn't get it down, so maybe later.

-FMA 3 - Pretty damn good - Vic's acting was wondeful, and Al's is definately improving. Roy will take a little while to get used to, but I think it'll grow on me once there are a few lines that aren't deadpan-serious - hell, Roy had to grow on me in the Japanese, too, it's a while before his character is really shown ^^

-In the same vein, I think this man may be my new god or something. Seriously, funny, good-looking, friendly, and not afraid of the fangirls? Ladies and gentleman, I think we have a winner!

- My Yuna skirt is all but done, and I got the earrings basically strung together - I still need to buy backings to attach them onto. Rather pleased with how they look ^^

-We're reading Dante's Inferno in my Humanities class, and I'm finding I'm liking it a lot. Possibly because hell and symbolism = yay! Our next assignment also apparently a pair-blog. Which has lead me to say two things - Blogger's new interface is shitty, and how many people here have been blogging longer than I have, which would be mid-2001 ^^?

-Finally, FMAdub is crack, and Steve Ursprung is funny - lines from both from last week include 'ZEPPLIN'D!', 'All your alchemy are belong to us', 'Eight times pony equals muffin!' and 'Can I have a set of Yiweis?' Great fun.

And now, sleep ^^ *waves*