November 7, 2004
Today Has Been A Good Day :D

...Well, aside from the bit where my mom's alarm clock woke me up at four am and I had to get up and turn it off ^^

Got almost all of my Giant Yuna Earring of Doom (You know, the really long one with the tassle) done, just need to go to Claire's and buy a pair of cheap light blue studs to attach it to, and even out the bottom tassel. It looks really awesome, I wish I knew where my camera was so I could take a photo. I also got dragged to the International Dinner at my former church, which was less horrible than I thought it would be - food was good, entertainment was good, and my mom and I didn't die horribly on the little Irish flute piece we played. Pretty good, considering I hadn't looked at the music before this afternoon ^^

And, as for the Fullmetal Alchemist dub...I liked it ^^ There weren't any noticeable edits, other than the ending, which was cut short. I'm going to guess this is for the extra commercial time, and, well, it's not that big of a deal. I like the opening and endings, but I watched two seasons of Digimon with that horrific American opening. I don't care ^^ Everybody seems to be bitching that Ed sounds way too old, but he doesn't really sound a whole lot older than he did in the original to me - anyone that thinks he sounds way too old to be fifteen needs to come over and meet my 14-year-old brother ^^ Plus he seemed to put a lot of emotion into the performance, which I liked. Al...Al sounded kind of likelike the creepy little kid who's in every horror movie >.> Which he sort of is, a little, even in the original. It was a little monotone, but hopefully that'll improve as he gets a little more used to the character. All the minor characters sounded great, and the little bit of Lust sounded near-perfect ^^ Needless to say, I look forward to next weekend, although the real test will come when Roy is introduced in a few weeks, because I'm a shameless fangirl. However, his voice actor is pretty attractive, which wins him advance points ^^

Also, Windwaker is incredibly addictive. Jon let me borrow it last weekend, and I've been playing a good four or five hours a day. The graphics style really works out nicely once you're used to it - very flowing and bold, and very few rough edges. The facial expressions are priceless, too ^^ It's got tons of little minigames and optional extras that I'm enjoying, and the puzzles require thought, without being frustratingly hard ^^ It's also got just enough of a touch of the bizarre to make me make strange little '!?' faces, although it's not totally cracked out like Majora's Mask was. I <3 it muchly ^^

Now, back to my Zelda, and eventually to the first seven minutes of FMA I missed earlier while Ben was playing Splinter Cell ^^