January 9, 2005
A Whirlwind of Activity

...That I now attempt to summarize in the ten minutes I have before getting some sleep ^^ Michelle came over after school Friday, because we had our first cooking class and we were still psyched and ready to cook afterwards. We were going to make French toast, but I couldn't find the maple syrup (it surfaced today. Apparently it was under the lettuce), so we made sopaipillas instead, the first of which got a little overcooked and splattered us with hot oil - I've got interesting little red marks on my arm now, although they stopped hurting after the first hour. The rest turned out tasty, so we ate them with powdered sugar while marathoning FMA - got from 22 all the way to 37.

Then on Saturday, after Michelle left, Winter came over, and we sewed some - the Yuna-obi is started ^^ - and then my mom took us to see Phantom of the Opera. Which was good even if we missed the first twenty minutes because my mom forgot her pocketbook in the driveway. So, uh, if anyone wants to give me a summary of what happens before the Phantom takes Christine to his Secret Underground Lair and they sing the title song and Music of the Night, it would be appreciated - I think we probably figured out most of the important bits. Then we came home, waited for Chinese food, and hummed bits of the songs, and watched more FMA after the Chinese food came.

Today has mostly been homework and Japanese class, although the homework got done, Japanese class went well, and I have cooking again tomorrow. So all is well ^^