January 11, 2005
Busy Bee

DuPont Challenge Essay = DONE!
God of Small Things Wed. reading = DONE!
Research Sem project = ...Uh, not done. But WORKED ON!

Who wins? I winz XD

And this is despite having our power go down from five until ten today. Also, I think God of Small Things is the realistic fiction equivalent of Gibson's sci-fi, Gaiman's fantasy, and Skuld's fanfic. Which mostly means kind of trippy, but in a good way. And the Orangedrink Lemondrink Man = SO SKETCHY.

Also, I scared Joni by doing a dramatic reenactment for Michelle of the end of the title song from Phantom of the Opera where Christine is doing her really high opera thing, and the Phantom is all 'Sing, my angel of music! SING FOR ME!' It was fun, though.

...I'll put the capitals down and go to bed now XD;;