January 7, 2005
Fuck, I've Done It Again.

Yeah, can't sleep again. Probably because I slept eighteen hours last night, almost non-stop, and I've got a lot on my mind right now. Which is mostly why I'm sitting here writing this at almost-quarter til two in the morning.

January tends to be a bad month, I think (Many apologies to my three or so friends born this month, I love you all even though I hate January ^^;). School is already starting to stress me out majorly, even though I've only had one day of it - we've got about a month left before the science fair, we have to have a first draft of our paper for the begining of the week after next, and I am pretty much fucking screwed.

On top of this, I'm currently stuck in the middle of an exceptionally tense and delicately balanced relationship-situation, to the point where I have no idea what I can do that won't end up with someone hurt. Which also means that I can't rant about it at length here, unfortunately, however, I will lament, in short: Why do I always fall for the ones I can't have? Bah. And things seem to be going equally badly for most of my friends - if there's anything I can do for any of you guys, you know how to reach me.

On a brief, lighter note, Ammie, I got your package~! It made me all sparkely and stupidly-fangirly, which some hidden mature chunk deep inside me keeps cringing at. You people really do enjoy furthering my decent into hell(con? XD), and I love all of it. I'll post pictures of my spoils later ~.^ (And possibly of cosplay, my gloves came the other day)