January 25, 2005

I feel..kind of short-circuited right now. Went to bed early last night, only to wake up an hour before I had to get up, unable to go back to sleep. As a result, I feel both fried and wired at the same time. However, it's a lot better than feeling totally stressed and frustrated, as I was up until yesterday afternoon. Much <3 to the people who made me feel better, I think you know who you are ^^

Anyway. We've got just over two feet of snow here, although this is typical New England fare - all the relatives from the South have been calling to be all 'Oh my God, are you alright?' and we're like '...It's just snow.', which I find kind of funny.

And I think I had something more important to say, but it's kind of been lost under the 'OMG MUST WORK ON HUM ESSAY'. And the desire to go back to sleep. Lots of love for my friends <3<3