January 16, 2005
...Wow, LJ Killed the Internet

Because, seriously, there's been almost no one on all weekened, except Jesse.

This has lead to me being hideously productive, such as spending lots of time working on my project, cooking for people I don't really want to cook for, and sewing. As a result, my wedding kimono has been touched up, although I'm still not happy with how the lining hangs.

Of course, this has also lead to me sitting around being bitter, because I want to hang out with my friends, and they're largely all off having fun without me, which leaves me to sit around and work. And then I get all the organizational stuff dumped on me too, because nobody else will do it if I don't, and then everybody will be pissed. (Come to think of it, this is probably why Tatsumi looks so annoyed all the time).

And now now I'm just being really bitchy, but at the moment, I don't care. I need about a week of not having to worry about getting anything done, and as that isn't going to happen for another four months, I have hear instead.

On an entirely tangential ending note, Resident Evil 4 is pretty damn cool. It's been pretty much my sole source of entertainment this weekend - Ben bought it and has been playing non-stop ever since.