February 25, 2005
The World's A Little Brighter

Heading off for another weekend out, and while I'm tired, I feel a lot better now that that physics lab is out of the way. Anyway, before I go, one song to share that I think sums up what a lot of my life has been recently, aside from the moments of Unhappy (which aren't related to the first, it's a seasonal sort of thing x.x). It's kind of at a Certain Someone, but in another sense, for all my friends who've been there for me in the last few months ^^ Apparently it was used in Shrek 2, although _I_ didn't notice it - picked it up off the Remus/Sirius soundtrack and feel in love with it.

Counting Crows - Accidently in Love


It's ten 'til three in the morning, I've spent about twelve hours on this lab, and it is twenty-fivetwenty-nine (Can't cout at three am x.x) pages long, in total. And it is _done_. And as I keep making them this week, another list :D

Things That Kept Me Sane Working On This:

- The OC Remix Radio Station
- Big Y-brand chocolate chips
- Yuumei, Mara, and Jen.
- Gothic Revival architechture
- England

February 24, 2005
Things Cocoa Doesn't Like, Continued

-This lab
-Having to use a good six different programs for this lab
-My computer
-Logger Pro

I Hate Physics

...Why am I getting entirely different numbers doing these calculations than the first time I did them? I'm on the fifth hour of this. I hate this lab so much >< I'd totally screw it and not bother, except this is a major grade for this term. As it is, I think I see a big fat C on it already.

Wow, I'm Really Spamming This Lately, Aren't I?

Feeling a little better this morning - getting an extra half an hour of sleep and having my father make me a cup of tea helped, I think. If I can get through my physics lab tonight, I should be good to go.

Anyway. <3 to aaaall~

February 23, 2005

Mmm, shiny icon. Which isn't as funny if you don't know Cain, but oh well.

I failed my driver's test within ten minutes of starting it, and as I've just finally managed to calm down from it, it is not getting discussed further, at least right now.

In other news, I am still tired and this week still bites. Boo.

...I think I may go look at shiny things for a while or read some Sherlock Holmes or something.

February 22, 2005
Another Psuedo-List

Things Cocoa Doesn't Like:

Feeling plain, boring, generally uninteresting, and useless, particularly when it leads to feeling out of place amoung my friends who seem so much more interesting than me.

This is probably a sign that I either need something new and interesting in my routine/warddrobe/house/life, or to sleep for two days straight, or both.

*headdesk* This is so not my week.

EDIT: Tokyo-Tower _may_ be down for the rest of the week. There's a sticky situation involving the fact that my mom and her credit card are in France, and I need the new number because her old one expired.

Things Cocoa Shouldn't Try To Do:

Rationalize mangakas' _crack_. I'll explain later, when I have more than five minutes. In other news, Wikipedia = my friend.


Dear emotions, while the fact that you exploring shiny, wonderful new territory is nice, it does not give you permission to drag me on another one of these insane rollercoaster-rides. It's making me sleep badly, and have strange, uncomfortable dreams that I can't remember if they're real or not when I wake up, and generally making me me very unfun to be around.

*sigh* I think if I could have one thing right now, it'd be better emotional control. Oh well. At least my cup of tea is making me feel better, if not significantly more awake. Mmm, tea <3

February 20, 2005
*waves, falls over*

I hate it when being tired screws around with my emotions...I keep kind of flailing between being really twitchy, and being on the verge of crying over entirely insignificant things. Which means that I will probably be going to bed after posting this, or at least tracking down my calligraphy pens and seeing how much I remember, while laying in bed. I was waiting up for a Certain Someone, but I've been waiting for the last two and a half hours, so I don't think she's coming back anytime soon.

Anyway. Aside from the lack of sleep, weekend was fun. We went and saw Constantine, which I went into with no expectations whatsoever, and thus enjoyed immensely. There was Keanu Reeves, people with wings, and things blowing up and being cool. This was enough for me. And we made cookies, which hopefully other people didn't eat without me *glare*.

Also, Framingham is going to suck to do the driver's test in, and I can beat my bastard son at DDR. Winz.

EDIT: I can't find my calligraphy pens. Boo. *wanders off to sleep*

February 19, 2005
Music Pimping

So, as I have been sparkling lots about classical music recently, I decided to rip some tracks off a few of my CDs and share them with my lovely friends ^^ They're all pretty much classical pieces, or at least what I term classical XD They're all YouSendit links.

Dvorak, Symphony No. 9 - Subtitled From the New World. One of my favorite pieces of classical music. It has some wonderfully dark, dramatic bits, as well as a movement or two that's slower, and sadder sounding. I've always liked it because it has so much emotion to it, IMO, and it tends to make me wave my arms around and pretend to conduct when I listen to it XD This is four tracks, about half an hour of music, 19 MB or so.

Aaron Copland, Appalachian Spring - Like the first one, this is a set of multiple tracks - eight, about 24 MB. It also has a lot of feeling to it, but in a different way - rather than being dark and dramatic, it's simple, clean and happy. As the title kind of implies, spring in the mountains ^^ Track 7 is one of my favorites, and has a beautiful variation on the very old melody of 'Simple Gifts'.

Mussorgsky, Night on Bald Mountain - A single track, this time, as are the next two. This one is more like the Dvorak pieces in feel - it starts off very dark and dramatic, and changes a bit towards the end, finishing off on kind of a calmer note. I rather like the arrangement of this we did in band a few years ago that was really just the darker bits - it was a lot of fun ^^ Oh, and for those curious, this is also the piece used in the Chernabog sequence at the very end of the first Fantasia movie, and also as Chernabog's battle theme in Kingdom Hearts.

Sabre Dance - Another band piece, although I didn't like doing it as much as Night on Bald Mountain, although still fun. I think the best way to describe this is 'exciting' - it's fast-paced and higher, which I suppose is fitting for a piece of music with a title that rather suggests people dancing very, very quickly with swords.

Tchaikovsky, Overture 1812 - This is kind of here for geeky reasons, as well as being the reason my mom and brother bought the CD it's on. There's a bit in an episode of Farscape where John, the main character, gets stranded by himself for a while on this spaceship and teaches a bunch of repair robots to play it - he even paints '1812' on one of them, and you see it in later episodes. I also think this is the song that Calvin comments on in a bunch of Calvin and Hobbes strips about finding out that classical music can be cool, because it has cannons in it XD Loud, enthusiastic, and fun ^^

Enjoy :D! I'd love to know what people thought of these, although I won't demand it ^^

February 18, 2005
Why I Should Not Look at the Costumer's Manifesto in My Free Time

I find things like this and this and I waaaant them but they're so expensive ;.;

...Yes, costuming eats my brain. More specifically, Cain cosplay >.>
I find things like this and this and I waaaant them but they're so expensive ;.;

...Yes, costuming eats my brain. More specifically, Cain cosplay >.>

EDIT: For Mara ^^ - look!

February 16, 2005
Shiny things!

New LJ icons! New update! New layout! (Not for me, but by me, and it is shiiiiny). And I get to be a used car salesman. In Spanish. We have to do an infomercial, so I'm going to sell my mom's car that she wants to get rid of. Speaking of cars, I have a driver's test scheduled for next Wednesday that hopefully I shall pass, and get my liscense, and there will be joy ^^ Also, I made truffles :D

Also, this weekend, in under fifty words - Claudia<3 Mara <3 Skuld getting smashed XD; Me getting groped. Yes, the two are related. Had fanfic written about me. Half-pound bacon-cheeseburger *drools* Aside from having to wait for two hours to get a table, a great deal of fun.

I still need to ramble and sparkle about Cain some, although that may have to wait until I can collect my thoughts into some form of coherence XD;

February 15, 2005
Is This What They Call 'Love'?

It's kind of awe-inspiring, to me at least, to realize that I would do just about anything, within my own moral code, to see you happy and whole ^^ Yeah, I really do belong entirely to you <3

(And for anyone who looked at that entry a few down and went "Riff? Why the hell does she identify with _Riff_?", well, there's your answer ^^)

...Back to physics hw now >.>

February 14, 2005
Happy Valentine's Day!

It may be primarily a day for romantic love, but there are other kinds in life worth celebrating too ^^ To all my friends - you are all wonderful people, and I care about you all lots. Never forget that <3

In other news, Research Seminar is officially over :D Which means I will have free time to work on things I have promised various people as soon as I dig myself out of the pile of other work that got pushed off in favor of RS XD;

February 7, 2005

...Well, sort of. I'm both tired and hungry, but I'm here. And I had a nice weekend ^^ Also, I have all sorts of sparkely things to say about both Count Cain and Deathnote, however it's ten til ten in the morning, and my brain is fried. So I will merely say that they are both very shiny and good, and that I am amused that while I have no particular favorites in either so far, the character I find I identify the most with is Riff. Also, Alexis, I know you're a cold-blooded bastard, and England has shitty weather (Though New England here has worse), but isn't two overcoats a bit much? Yesh. I'm going to roast.

Now, back to physics, and worrying about RS ^^;