January 31, 2005

Okay, I think I'm awake enough to make a coherent post about the mass of sparkely that was this past weekend ^^

I took the train in to meet Claudia Friday night - there was some momentary confusion, as my train was half an hour late, but all was well. We headed in to Boston as Hisoka and Tatsumi, and registered and all that good stuff, only to find out that Mara wasn't coming ;.; So we hung out at the cosplay workshop, which was really more some last minute Nazgul costumes for the Cosplay Chess the next day, as they didn't have enough people signed up. It was fun to just sit around and talk with people ^^ We then headed downstairs to one of the video rooms and saw a Chinese live-action movie called Monkey King, which was crack. It had people in monkey suits break-dancing, and awful special effects and was just so incredibly cheesy. Meteor/Flower OTP XD; We went back to Claudia's after that, made food, and watched some Farscape before falling asleep.

Saturday, we slept in a little, and then dyed my hair black again, and had some breakfast. We also had an instance of the best worst timing ever, in that the pocketwatch Claudia bought for me for Christmas two months before showed up. So now I have a State Alchemist watch, and it is shiny and cool. Also because it is a pocketwatch, which I think are generally neat - have it on right now ^^ We got dressed as end-of-series Roy and Riza, and went back to the con. We ran into Skuld and Mel, who were dressed as L and Raito from Deathnote, and handcuffed together. We all eventually wandered up to the Anime Trivia, which was a lot of fun to watch, and I got to mock Ely/Fullmetal for being too short to reach the top row of squares on the board without standing on her toes XD We headed out for a bit of lunch, and then came back for the Cosplay Chess.

Cosplay Chess....totally pwned. I was one of the black knights, with Claudia as the black rook beside me and Ely as the black pawn in front of me - yes, the requiste 'Ed is Roy's pawn' cracks were made. Several times, even. I was the third or fourth piece out, unfortunately - got killed by Captain Tyler (which I'm certain I'm misspelling), which more meant he offered me alcohol and women and decided to surrender and switch sides. Claudia had a nicely acted death, I thought - she got killed with magic. There was also a Sheska, who was cute and spent most of the reading or being scared of other pieces, and when she had to kill someone she beat him with her book while cringing and looking the other way. Ed, though, was by far the best - he got queened, at which point our black queen who had been taken earlier gave him her Death Note, which he shortly transmuted into Sephiroth's sword (Sephiroth was the black king), and used to stab Cloud, the white king. Then Mel and Skuld had this whole great ending that mostly finished off with them dying dramtically in each other's arms. It was really awesome.

After that, all four of us went to Finale, where we had exceptionally expensive but exceptionally sexy desserts. Seriously. That's the best way I can describe them that actually involves real words. We went back to Vericon for the dance, where Claudia and I got to look good in masks, after a minor escapade involving the hall our stuff was in being locked. This was also lots of fun, as they played all sorts of music and a good time was had by all. Claudia and I went back to her house, made pasta, and stayed up watching more Escaflowne. I may have been talked into cosplaying Allen, we shall see XD.

Sunday we mostly lazed around, made pancakes, watched a bit more Farscape, and did some homework. Then I took the train home and kind of crashed after finishing the rest of my homework. All in all, great fun, and it was nice to see people again <3

Pictures soon, and I'll link whoever else gets any ^^

January 28, 2005
Little Notes

Going to be at Vericon and Claudia's house this weekend. I may check in a few times, however, if you need to reach me, I'll have my cellphone with me.

And there is shiny Hokuto/Karen here ^^ See you all Sunday <3

January 27, 2005
Down the Mathmatical Rabbit Hole?

For the more mathmatically/geekily inclined reading this, here's a strange but interesting little thought to ponder. Mason thought of it, and Nakul spazzed happily over it, which was highly amusing.

In a base pi number system, pi is rational ^^


Have most stuff for school done, which is all yaaay and me no longer freaking over it. I think, however, I would appreciate this more if I wasn't running on four hours of sleep and a heavily sugared cup of Earl Grey =.= I had all my school stuff done by 7:30, too. Damn. If I even consider doing this again tonight, someone please bash me over the head and drag me off to bed? Otherwise I'm going to want to sleep all weekend, and there is con, which isn't good for the sleeping. Although I suppose I can pass out for an hour on the train tomorrow afternoon...

Anyway, lots of random <3<3s for my friends ^^

January 25, 2005

I feel..kind of short-circuited right now. Went to bed early last night, only to wake up an hour before I had to get up, unable to go back to sleep. As a result, I feel both fried and wired at the same time. However, it's a lot better than feeling totally stressed and frustrated, as I was up until yesterday afternoon. Much <3 to the people who made me feel better, I think you know who you are ^^

Anyway. We've got just over two feet of snow here, although this is typical New England fare - all the relatives from the South have been calling to be all 'Oh my God, are you alright?' and we're like '...It's just snow.', which I find kind of funny.

And I think I had something more important to say, but it's kind of been lost under the 'OMG MUST WORK ON HUM ESSAY'. And the desire to go back to sleep. Lots of love for my friends <3<3

January 16, 2005
...Wow, LJ Killed the Internet

Because, seriously, there's been almost no one on all weekened, except Jesse.

This has lead to me being hideously productive, such as spending lots of time working on my project, cooking for people I don't really want to cook for, and sewing. As a result, my wedding kimono has been touched up, although I'm still not happy with how the lining hangs.

Of course, this has also lead to me sitting around being bitter, because I want to hang out with my friends, and they're largely all off having fun without me, which leaves me to sit around and work. And then I get all the organizational stuff dumped on me too, because nobody else will do it if I don't, and then everybody will be pissed. (Come to think of it, this is probably why Tatsumi looks so annoyed all the time).

And now now I'm just being really bitchy, but at the moment, I don't care. I need about a week of not having to worry about getting anything done, and as that isn't going to happen for another four months, I have hear instead.

On an entirely tangential ending note, Resident Evil 4 is pretty damn cool. It's been pretty much my sole source of entertainment this weekend - Ben bought it and has been playing non-stop ever since.

January 15, 2005
Ahh, the Joys of Blog

No, I don't really have anything important to say, I'm just posting this to laugh at all the poor suckers that are like, 'LJ is down! Oh noes!' - no, I don't know who specifically these poor suckers are, I'm just mean. Ahhh, the glories of having one's own blog on reliable servers ^^ Seriously, TotalChoice has only gone down once for longer than an hour, and that was a pre-planned server move, which was a total of four hours - LJ is creeping up on 24.

And now I'm going to go accomplish stuff and eat, and watch Ben play Resident Evil 4. Mmm, evil monks.

January 11, 2005
Busy Bee

DuPont Challenge Essay = DONE!
God of Small Things Wed. reading = DONE!
Research Sem project = ...Uh, not done. But WORKED ON!

Who wins? I winz XD

And this is despite having our power go down from five until ten today. Also, I think God of Small Things is the realistic fiction equivalent of Gibson's sci-fi, Gaiman's fantasy, and Skuld's fanfic. Which mostly means kind of trippy, but in a good way. And the Orangedrink Lemondrink Man = SO SKETCHY.

Also, I scared Joni by doing a dramatic reenactment for Michelle of the end of the title song from Phantom of the Opera where Christine is doing her really high opera thing, and the Phantom is all 'Sing, my angel of music! SING FOR ME!' It was fun, though.

...I'll put the capitals down and go to bed now XD;;

January 9, 2005
A Whirlwind of Activity

...That I now attempt to summarize in the ten minutes I have before getting some sleep ^^ Michelle came over after school Friday, because we had our first cooking class and we were still psyched and ready to cook afterwards. We were going to make French toast, but I couldn't find the maple syrup (it surfaced today. Apparently it was under the lettuce), so we made sopaipillas instead, the first of which got a little overcooked and splattered us with hot oil - I've got interesting little red marks on my arm now, although they stopped hurting after the first hour. The rest turned out tasty, so we ate them with powdered sugar while marathoning FMA - got from 22 all the way to 37.

Then on Saturday, after Michelle left, Winter came over, and we sewed some - the Yuna-obi is started ^^ - and then my mom took us to see Phantom of the Opera. Which was good even if we missed the first twenty minutes because my mom forgot her pocketbook in the driveway. So, uh, if anyone wants to give me a summary of what happens before the Phantom takes Christine to his Secret Underground Lair and they sing the title song and Music of the Night, it would be appreciated - I think we probably figured out most of the important bits. Then we came home, waited for Chinese food, and hummed bits of the songs, and watched more FMA after the Chinese food came.

Today has mostly been homework and Japanese class, although the homework got done, Japanese class went well, and I have cooking again tomorrow. So all is well ^^

January 7, 2005
Fuck, I've Done It Again.

Yeah, can't sleep again. Probably because I slept eighteen hours last night, almost non-stop, and I've got a lot on my mind right now. Which is mostly why I'm sitting here writing this at almost-quarter til two in the morning.

January tends to be a bad month, I think (Many apologies to my three or so friends born this month, I love you all even though I hate January ^^;). School is already starting to stress me out majorly, even though I've only had one day of it - we've got about a month left before the science fair, we have to have a first draft of our paper for the begining of the week after next, and I am pretty much fucking screwed.

On top of this, I'm currently stuck in the middle of an exceptionally tense and delicately balanced relationship-situation, to the point where I have no idea what I can do that won't end up with someone hurt. Which also means that I can't rant about it at length here, unfortunately, however, I will lament, in short: Why do I always fall for the ones I can't have? Bah. And things seem to be going equally badly for most of my friends - if there's anything I can do for any of you guys, you know how to reach me.

On a brief, lighter note, Ammie, I got your package~! It made me all sparkely and stupidly-fangirly, which some hidden mature chunk deep inside me keeps cringing at. You people really do enjoy furthering my decent into hell(con? XD), and I love all of it. I'll post pictures of my spoils later ~.^ (And possibly of cosplay, my gloves came the other day)

January 5, 2005

I have to be up in around six and a half hours, but I've managed to screw my sleep pattern over enough in the past two weeks that I can't sleep, so here I am, blogging at 12:30 in the morning. The last few days have been rather random, although largely not bad. Ryan the RadioShack guy who Knows What's Going On gets much love from me, and as a result, I have stuff done on my project, although not as much as I'm supposed to have done. Ah well.

Got my grades a few days back, mostly Bs with one A and one C, ironically enough from the same teacher. This is largely a hell of a lot better than I thought I would get - I've done terribly on so many assignments in pre-calc and physics, and my project is pretty much shit. So I'm actually pretty pleased.

Also, pimping this out shamelessly to the local people - Vericon! Sort of a mini sci-fi/fantasy/anime/geek-crack con at Harvard at the end of January (and it's cheap!). They have cosplay chess, which I'm playing Roy Mustang in (Claudia, if you're reading this, yep, that means Hawkeye for you - don't worry too much about the hair, it'll be fine. We just need to get you some guns ^^). I can tell already this is going to be lots of fun - Roy is a good character for this sort of thing. And then I almost signed my name as 'Roy' on the e-mail to the coordinator, completely by accident XD; Same first letter as my real name, and, well this fandom eats my soul.

I think there was more, but my brain isn't entirely functioning at the moment, and I think most of it was silly Roy-babble anyway.

January 2, 2005
Yuna cosplay picspam

Over at LJ, so this blog doesn't get messy with lots of links nobody cares about.

Here :D

Happy New Year!

The last two days or so have been kind of up and down, but everything was ultimately pretty good. Went out to First Night as Roy and Riza, I got mistaken for a guy pretty much the whole time, and we accidently lost Mara at midnight, but found her. And I got kissed :D

We made chocolate crepes today and I made an ass of myself. But things are okay now. And...uh. I'm not really awake, can you tell? Here's to 2005, may it be less shitty than 2004 ^^