May 9, 2005

To-Do List (mostly for myself)

-Hamlet designs (Wed) (Finalized, pretty much, and Michelle has them)
-Sixteen Ch 19 Problems (Thurs) EDIT:Make that eleven Seven.
-Conclusions for Engineering (Thurs) (I love being able to make things up believably)
-Magnet Write-Up (Thurs) (More or less. Some of the data is on crack, which I'll try to fix later)
-Horatio Essay (Mon)
-Update school site (Mon)
-Tech Writing article (Mon)
-Physics Portfolio (Tues)
-Five-page Spanish Paper? (?) (No longer exists. Yaaaay.)
-Engineering Website (Wed)
-Engineering Prototype (Wed)
-Hamlet Costumes (Fri)
-Memorize lines (Fri/ASAP)

(Real entry some time later x.x)