May 26, 2005
How Do They Rise Up, Rise Up...

So, technically is is no longer the 25th of May, but I just spent the last four hours rereading Night Watch while curled up until my giant lilac towel (it's as big as I am), so I feel I may be forgiven.

First and foremost - anyone who hasn't heard the original Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy radio plays, go and do so right now. If necessary, I can burn you the mp3 files myself and mail it to you - I love them dearly and will never forget their writer.

Second, anyone who hasn't read the Discworld books should, as they are also quite excellent, although I don't reccomend starting with Night Watch as though it is very very good, it is also somewhat atypical of the series, particularly in that it's the only one that made me want to cry. Many thanks to Katt for making me read them myself - I have done my best to spread the love.