May 16, 2005
Lessons Learned

Lotus WordPro, when exporting to HTML, is more standards-compliant than exporting from Microsoft Word. Pretty much all it doesn't do is put in a doctype delclaration or alt tags for images. I feel validated in my use of WordPro.

... Actually, apparently my hand-coded index page is more standards-compliant than some of the Word-exported files, which says something, as I have a tendancy to leave excess font and div tags laying around, or too few, and hack at CSS until it obeys me and stuff - it's a wonder my pages even work at all, sometimes. I also discovered today that if you export a PowerPoint file as a webpage, it only formats properly in Internet Explorer. Brilliant, Microsoft, absolutely brilliant. Just when I thought I couldn't dislike you any more. Honestly, if I could take Paint Shop Pro with me, I'd totally switch to Linux, or possibly even a Mac. Macs are far sexier than PCs. Except Alienwares.

And I just had to use nested tables, because IE is on crack (it was putting images on top of each other. I didn't think that was possible without div positioning). I feel uncleeeeean.