May 17, 2005
Yesterday's Happenings

We had some amusing things happen in school yesterday, which I didn't get around to writing up last night.

-Mr. Gagne, after our last vocab quiz of the year, had a bag of slips of paper with things written on them. Some of them raised your grade, some lowered them, some could do either, and some didn't have anything to do with grades at all. Two read 'Raise your grade by 3d6' and 'Lower your grade by 3d6'. He actually had six-sided gaming dice to roll with him. This is why I love that class.

-Nicole was wearing a very long-sleeved sweater, so Mr. Menard tied the sleeve ends in knots, and then tied them together around one of the wood support columns.

-Carolyn was hiding in one of the lockers for some reason. Dunno why, but it was funny.

And I have ranting to come later. But I have my lines memorized. Yay!