December 26, 2005
Christmas Part II

The relatives have been survived, for the most part, and the presents opened. My one big thing was my new baby - sleek silver little 20 GB Dell DJ mp3 player, AKA the DellPod (to match my brother's Creative Zen, AKA the iPud). I'm deciding on a name for it - leaning strongly towards Sparda or Rufus, but I'm open to suggestions. Also got RE2 for the PSX from Jo, which is what the Mysterious Package of Mystery was, and is wonderfully old-school, and a nice ring from my grandparents. Also can't remember if I mentioned it, but Skuld, your card came right before we left for Florida <3

Got messages, too, which I will reply to later, but...who was it who started off with 'Omigod'? I couldn't make out most of the message, so I don't know who it was XD; Also did write the Christmas-fic, but I'm going to have to do some wierd stuff to get it off my flash drive, 'cause I can't get the the USB ports on the only internet-enable computer in the house.