December 29, 2005

Thank God for internet cafes - means I actually got to check my e-mail here in Mexico. Got in yesterday - plane-flight was uneventful except for the man that had a bit of a panic attack, one of the flight attendents looked like Rude (sans sunglasses), and the weather here is beautiful. Unfortunately Cozumel is very much a tourist town so everybody on the island is trying to sell you something, it seems. We went snorkeling, though, this morning, which was nice. I've also been writing even more, because aparently being on vacation is good for my inspiration. Or something. Even wrote President Shinra-fic, although amusingly I still haven't picked out a name for him or his wife.

Anyway, here's aforementioned Christmas fic while I've got access. Warnings for shameless fluff (I <3 fluff) and the fact that the closets this has been to beta'd is me re-reading it several times. But it's probably got a little something for everyone - Christmas for all of my characters.

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