December 11, 2005
Insert Witty Title Here

Ugh, things have been busy these last few days. I had this awful toothache start up Wednesday night, and it ended up being a dental abcess. Which, for the record, hurt like a bitch. Our big group presentation in English ended up going off fine, though, although it was in the middle of a blizzard (we got about twelve inches), and I went home right afterwards, skipping my first real class of the year XD;

In other news, my writing is driving me crazy. Mostly because I'd really like to do something with Eva and Sparda, but everything I try to write starts turning to crap after about three paragraphs. And at some point in the past week, I've wound up with my own version of Rufus Shinra, who has more or less demanded that something be done with him. Unfortunately, while I ended up with characters, I don't end up with plots to go with them. Which isn't a problem with, say, Raphael and Isaac, because they just kind of hang around and I don't feel utterly compelled to write something for them. But apparently this isn't good enough for Rufus. Argh.