December 16, 2005
Lunchtime Conversations

So, we were talking about FF7 shit at lunch again, mostly because I was trying to help Josh troubleshoot his game difficulties, which lead to back to Rufus and his parachute and how he looks a little too banged up in AC for that to have happened.

Michelle: Maybe he used it and it just didn't open. Great big flying leap out the window and all.
Me: And then was all 'Oh shit!'. Although, the healing mechanics in FF7 are kinda vague.
Me: Like the whole Phoenix-Down-on-Aeris thing. Although I think that there may be a difference between dead and mostly dead. And Aeris is very very dead.
Michelle: If they're all dead, there's only one thing you can do...
Both: Go through their pockets and look for loose change!

Michelle is also like Hojo, only pretty, but we won't get into that tonight. Also, finals all over. I am on vacation now! Whoooo! And now I make more sexy Rufus icons.