December 26, 2005
Quiet Day

Mostly hung around here today, although we went into the city for part of the afternoon. Mostly this kind of crystalized the desire to get the hell out of here, but I also aquired a new Vergil/Dante song ("Gin", by Drew Bunting), and an FF7 AU with Rufus owning a nightclub - fun, but a little strange.

Also, I realized last night that I keep forgetting that Before Crisis exists. I think part of it is playing in Shinra's Finest, which is mostly just FF7 orginal game canon...I think of FF7 and AC as canon, and acknowledge BC, but I forget it's there until someone else mentions it. Which, uh, is a bit of a problem working on Rufus's backstory, which I've been trying to do. It's also tricky to reconcile fanon-Rufus with some of the bits of game canon we're given, like the little fear speech.

...I'll post something intelligent here soon, I swear.