December 22, 2005
Rufus Stuff, Mostly

Ugh, this computer is so damned slow. Which means I may not be posting all that often. Anyway. A hunch paid off, as my mom never deletes anything from her computer - I installed FF7 on it two summers ago, and it's still there. Which means I've got FF7 to play around with yet again. Of course, playing through the Midgar sections and the dropping of the sector 7 plate last night meant I had particularly strange nightmares. There was some sort of nuclear reactor in the downtown of my city, and exploded, basically destroying everything and leaving little glowy orange stuff everywhere, and contaminating the water.

Did pick up a few Rufus-backstory bits, though, as I played through his first appearance as well - immediately prior to the game, he was assigned somewhere else, and supposedly no one has ever seen him cry or bleed. Also on the Rufus-stuff, a fic plug - The Conscience of the King. Tseng is...well, not my Tseng, but the rest of the characterizations are wonderful, and it has a most excellent Sephiroth-going-mad scene, and well, it's Rufus, and the Turks, and Midgar. Also, any of Bishounen Ink's Turk and Rufus stuff is totally awesome. And the Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Under the Bridge" is such a Rufus-Midgar song.

Agh. I have so much I want to talk about, but if I stay on much longer, Ben is going to kill me - this is the only computer with internet. More Rufus stuff to come, as well as a bit of Tseng stuff - he kind of came along with Rufus. And probably Asher, too, because I can never forget him <3