December 28, 2005
Walk Like An Egyptian

So, today, instead of sitting around the house, we went to Busch Gardens (For those who don't know, it's a big amusement park, pretty much). The main intent was the ride the roller coasters, and that we did, many times. Montu was my favorite of the lot, although SheiKra is the scariest - 200 foot straight-down drop. I also managed to finally get my DDR fix - they had an Extreme machine - and was reminded of exactly how cool I find ancient Egypt (really cool, that's how cool). Combined with the fact that the lines were tiny - SheiKra was the only wait greater than fifteen minutes, we got in with employee tickets that were half the regular price and got us a 20% discount on food, and that the weather was lovely, it was a totally awesome day.

I also had a strange but kind of cool dream last night. There was me and somebody else, who I think might have been Yuffie-mun from Samira - looked kind of like Yuffie, but it wasn't actually Yuffie. We in this forest-place, with a deep gorge and really tall trees, and there was some kind of mission to be done, but we were both kind of 'Yeah, we don't know what the hell we're doing.' And then there was Leon (RE4!Leon, as opposed to RE2, or KH, which is a different Leon entirely), being hot, and, uh, smelling nice. Because apparently my dreams come with smell (Also, Jo? I am totally blaming this one on you). He had this brown cardboard box which was very non-descript - unlabeled, taped shut with regular packing tape, bit of black twine tied around it - but for some reason was really important. The mission had something to do with these two warring factions of humanoids (I say 'humanoids' because they looked like people, but they were angels or demons or aliens or something. I'm not sure what), one of which Sparda was a part of, and the box had something to do with it. But that bit was rather vague, so I mostly just remember the really tall trees and Leon smelling nice.

As for my at-this-point obligatory Rufus commentary, I've actually put him aside for the moment to focus on his father. Going through BC stuff, certain facts have come to light which make me think there's a lot more to the man than the fandom gives him credit for (I don't think I've ever seen a positive portrayl of him), and his backstory is, well, really effing important to Rufus'. So there may be more on that later. I'm also going to post some first-person Asher bits on his LJ, I think - I feel like playing with him, and have resigned myself to the fact that Shinra's Finest is going nowhere fast.

Anyway. Next post will either be from Mexico, if I can grab internet, or from back home in the Great White North, AKA Sibera, AKA Cocytus, AKA central Mass.