November 7, 2006
Brief Update

I officially hate green shore crabs, I think. Yes, my Bio lab is made of lame. I have to write about the response we're measuring in our experiment, which basically boils down to metabolism, which is stupidly hard to find things on.

I've gone to the language circles at I. House for the last two weeks now, and there is one guy who keeps coming to the Japanese circle who makes me hurt inside. I can tell he means well, but he's one of those really loud people who thinks everything he says is a lot funnier than it actually is, and thus won't shut up. And his pronunciation is soul-burningly bad. And I've forgotten so much, I hate it.

Also, I really hope someone has written Supernatural/DMC crossover fic, because if they haven't, I'm going to have to, and that can't lead anywhere good.