November 1, 2006

I hate it in when IRL problems with people get in the way of fan-fun. I really want to go to Tales of Anime, but man, do I know a horribly awkward situation when I see it. Yaoicon was bad enough, and I had lots of other people to back me up, in a way, there. Almost all of whom will be at Sakuracon that weekend (not saying Yaoicon was bad - I had fun. But it would have been a lot more fun if not for a few other people there). And I have to worry about that if I go to AB, too. Because it seems like everybody else is friends with Claudia again - I don't hate her or anything, but oh so awkward.

And yeah, going to Sakuracon is an option, but that con fills me with hate, on principle, and there are people I want to see at ToA, too.