November 15, 2006
Gaming Things

I am sad that I no longer have a Nocturne gaming-buddy - guess it's just me and GameFAQs now. Poking around the Fourth Kalpa at the moment - I've been playing Psychonauts some, but I'm determined to collect _everything_, which gets a bit mind-numbing.

Also, damn you Atlus. The Persona 2 reissue is, of course, already out of stock again - used copies are still pretty cheap, but now I'm waffling about it. Particularly as I also really really want a DS. And need a cellphone. And thus possibly a job that gives me hours sometimes.

EDIT: Also, this game is never going to make me stop quoting Good Omens. For instance -
Map label: 'The Road to Hell'
Me: " paved with frozen door-to-door salesmen!"