November 4, 2006
It Appears I Have Made A Sandwich

I've finally got this layout I've been working on for the last two months cracked, I think. Need to run it by Jo first, if she's ever actually _on_, but I'm pleased. Maybe I can finally do up some new layouts for my stuff now.

The rest of the evening has been spent on Nocturne - got through one of the Fiend battle, and the main storyline boss battle after that, which leaves me stuck at the final Fiend battle. Argh. I can tell already it's going to be one of those ones that make me want to cry and/or throw my controller at walls, but I can't get any further until I've finished it, so I may as well just suck it up.

Also, Dutch lavender-flavored candies = strangely delicious.

EDIT: Also, why do I think Alexia and Chiaki would get along splendidly? If they didn't kill each other first, mind you.