November 15, 2006

What I want to be doing: Working on my Supernaturnal/DMC crossover (yeah, I caved)
What I am doing: Writing my English paper.

Shouldn't have put it off, argh. But nooo, I just had to let Rosie and Justin talk me into going to Metrotown today. I'm half done, which means I won't be up all night doing it, but damnit, I'm sick and tired, I want to sleep. And I'm still cellphoneless because of BC's age laws - I'm not of age here until next March, which means I can't enter into a legal contract, which means I can only get a pay-as-you-go phone which are even crappier deals than the contract plans.

On the plus side, I gave myself a much-needed little ego-boost today by dressing up some - there are few things more awesome than walking to Chem in big strappy platform boots, black jeans, black button-down and silver tie, and my black leather trenchcoat with 'Anarchy' playing on my mp3 player. Although the appreciative stares I got from a few of the Wargamers is up there - it's always nice having people appreciate my aesthetic.

Also, entirely unrelated, but I keep meaning to say it and forgetting - Jo from Supernatural is pretty much my Eva, age 18 or so, incarnate. Well, maybe more plaid flannel and less bell-bottoms, but with Eva, we're talking 60s, so it's understandable. But the looks? The inexperience? Hell yes.