November 27, 2006
Snow Day!

So, I woke up this morning to find that the power was out, and the only lights on in the building were a handful in the hallways running on emergency generators. Which meant no classes, but also no heat, so I ended up curling up in bed under my blankets and going back to sleep until two. Had a sandwich from the caf, as well as an energy drink, because there was no power for hot water or anything cooked.

Went to track down Yana, because no power = no internet = bored me, and discovered she was heading out with some of her friends, so I joined them and we had a spontaneous snowball fight behind the Museum of Anthropology and laughed at how eight inches of snow makes the whole city shut down. We came back to find the power finally on (although not the heat in my building, unfortunately), and have been sitting around drinking hot chocolate and reminiscing about the early 90s.