November 9, 2006
Some Stuff

The hard decision has been made. I wish I felt better about it, but hey, if it made me feel good it wouldn't have been a hard decision. I'm back up to my usual LJ-reading standards now (if you're on the flist, you're being read), although I'm still not going to be on AIM and MSN - need a bit more personal time, plus I have an English paper to write and people visiting this weekend (Speaking of, Matt, drop me an e-mail when you know when you're coming by).

It's almost sad how easy I am to cheer up, though XD; I came in and checked the caf menu after another walk on Wreck Beach, and was instantly happier when I saw it was taco night tonight. So yes. If you ever want to bribe me, food is probably a good way to do it.