November 1, 2006
Weekend Adventures

Yes, I haven't forgotten about it. Party Friday was low-key, but nice - about half the people who said they were coming didn't, so there were ten of us. Managed to avoid any of the infamous dares by rocking at the earlier games, including carving the cutest pumpkin ever - a Bitey pumpkin! Bitey is Liz and company's cat, who is a big orange tabby who, well, bites everything. And I really do mean everything. I also discovered what being slighty tipsy is like, and how much it takes to get me there - five delicious mixed drinks (Liz = the drink-master) and one shot. I also learned that Matt has a surprisingly high alcohol tolerance for a skinny half-Asian kid.

Saturday and Sunday were a bit more low-key - went to the movies with Liz, Marina, and Elisha on Saturday. We saw Marie Antoinette, which was pretty, but really, really boring. Less that two hours long, but it felt like waaaay more. We also watched some Gankutsuou, which I totally need to see more of, and then went and hung out at Tim Horton's at one in the morning 'cause it was the only thing open and we didn't want to wake Brooke up.

Coming home Sunday, the ferry was running an hour and a half late. Which gave me lots of time to watch more Supernatural, but also meant I had to stand outside in the cold (it's been near-freezing all week) for half an hour waiting for the bus to come.

I've got photos from the party uploaded to my computer - not gonna post them, but if you want 'em, poke me on AIM or MSN.