November 24, 2006
What The Hell?

I know nobody here has an answer, but I just kind of have to be confused at _someone_ - why have I suddenly been removed as a maintainer over at S_F? It's the total randomness of the timing that confuses me most, I think.

Well. Time to start archiving entries for nostalgia in case she does something truely idiotic like delete them. And the bitter passive-aggresive part of me wants to delete the images from my server in retribution, but that accomplishes nothing.

Lab today was interesting, although slightly less so than yesterday because there was a lot more watching involved - making gels, and one of the key ingredients is a potent neurotoxin, so we weren't allowed to mix or pour the actual liquid. And I really need to do laundry, but I also just want to curl up in my nice warm bed and sleep.

EDIT: Alright, went and archived all the S_F entries, as well as the Lobby and everybody's character LJs save Asher and Ally ('cause they're mine and going nowhere). If anyone would like to benefit from my insanity and have a zip file of them all, leave a comment XD;

EDIT 2: Don't get me wrong, I actually do like the Red Hot Chili Peppers a great deal. But if I have to hear 'Dani California' blaring down the hall one more time, heads will roll. Floormate, get some different music, and RHCP, please write about something that isn't drug use and/or SoCal. It's old.