April 29, 2007
Choices, Choices

So, I checked out the two places today, and am now left with something of a decision to make. Pros and cons of each place.

Place 1:
-Cheaper ($390/month versus $450)
-Roomie I met is laid back, classic-rock sort of girl
-Newly renovated
-Well-equipped kitchen
-Furnished room

-Sharing with three other people
-Coin-op laundry
-Tiny room
-Partitioned room (ie, one room with bookcases down the middle)

Place 2:
-Closer to campus (5min versus 20min)
-Seperate room
-Sharing with one person
-Roomie said she's not around much
-Roomie may lend me security deposit until I get my next paycheck.

-Old and not in the greatest shape
-Sparsely furnished (previous roommate took a lot of furniture when she left)
-Roomie is preppy Asian.

Either way, it's only for four months - I'm leaning towards the second one if she decides I check out, because the whole personal space thing? Big deal with me. Sharing sound space, if not not visual space, with some one else would work for me with all of three people I can think of.

April 28, 2007
Thoughts on Packing

Packing everything now is a lot easier than it was in August. Probably in part because there's no questions of 'Okay, so what exactly am I bringing?' It all has to go, it's just a question of where - I've aquired a lot more stuff since packing last August, and not a whole lot of extra bags to put it all in. I figure if worse comes to worst, I'll stuff things in some big plastic shopping bags and toss them in my laundry basket. I've got two options for places starting Tuesday, care of Craigslist and some friends willing to lend me some money until I can get all my financial stuff properly sorted.

I keep vaguely considering making some deep introspective end-of-the-year post, but every time I have free time I end up either reading Naruto scanlations or watching Project Runway. Which I suppose says something, although I'm not sure quite what. Anyway, something to keep you all entertained while I do something about the fact that my room looks like a tornado ran through it - this is hilarious.

April 26, 2007
And There Was Much Rejoicing Throughout The Kingdom

I have a job! Produce clerk at a local organic grocery store - I start sometime next week, although I'm not sure when, still waiting for their staff trainer to get back to me. So now the apartment hunt begins. I'm in kind of an iffy situation where on a regular monthly basis, I can afford a $700/month place, but right now I can't pay the initial first month's rent because I only have $400 right now, and I'm not sure what to do about this...suggestions, anyone? UBC is in a beautiful location, but this means that anything within half an hour of campus is expensive.

April 22, 2007
I Am So Ashamed Of Myself

So, as per my last post, I downloaded and watched the first two episodes of Naruto Shippuuden. And then the third. And the fourth. And you can all see where this is going. I've got all ten downloaded, but only watched through seven, because it's four am and I swore I'd get to sleep before the sun came up. But this series is like crack. It's not mind-blowingly amazing writing or anything, but it's fun. Bright and colorful, and so far, a good mix of silly and serious. A total surprise favorite so far is Gaara. I previously have had this massive, somewhat irrational dislike for Gaara - bad associations, really. But now, actually watching some of the show, I have to grudgingly admit that he's pretty awesome. I'm not sure if I'd feel the same way about young!Gaara (who it seems it would not be inaccurate to describe as small and angry), but matureleader!Gaara? Win. Also, all the scenes in the village of sand made me think of the hour and a half of Dune I actually watched. Seriously, expecting glowy eyes and 'fear is the mindkiller' here. I also suspect I'll wind up liking Sasuke - I've got a soft spot for the token deeply fucked up angst-muffins (Subaru, Ianto, anyone?).

Yeah, you can all start mocking me now. Go ahead. I deserve it XD; Also, yes. I totally get into everything like two years too late. Everything.

April 20, 2007

Dear Intarwebs,
So, I've been kind of intrigued by the screencaps of Naruto Shippuden. However, I'm a lazy bastard, and there is no way anybody is going to get me to watch all two hundred-whatever episodes of the first series. Is it necessary for the other, or not? And yeah, I know. I said I would never ever watch Naruto (or Bleach, or One Piece, etc).

(PS: There is a story behind the subject line, I promise)

April 19, 2007

Last final is done! I think it went pretty well, although not as well as I would have liked. We'll see when grades get posted in a few weeks. This means I finally get some time to myself to just relax for the first time since spring break, practically. Little bit of celebratory partying (or, in Yana's case, drowning of pre-physics final sorrows) tomorrow night, and then going out clubbing this weekend, and sleeping in lots, I think.

In that vein - any of my friends (by which I think I mostly mean Skuld) have suggestions for some decent celebration booze? Something relatively high proof, not total ass-tasting, and relatively cheap. It's being split between three people, two of whom have really high alcohol tolerances (me and Yana), and I'm buying.

April 18, 2007

I was totally about to post ranting about my missing biology textbook, when what should I spy the the spine of it sticking out from under my scarf and container of cookies but the binding. Life is funny like that sometimes.

Physics was in fact miserable - I know I totally futzed up the simple harmonic motion/traveling wave bits, and I think I also killed the interference questions, mostly because I couldn't remember exactly what the units the formulas are written for (m versus cm versus nm). Still, I think I passed, and that's the big thing for that class. Aiming for a 75% average for the year, but if I did really well on my other finals, I may be able to still manage it.

Now, studying for Bio and enjoying the sun for a few hours before Shadowrun tonight~

Rosie, Justin and I totally just marathoned Elfen Lied. We didn't set out with the intention to do this, but one or two episodes to turned into a lot of episodes, and once you hit ep ten of a fourteen episode series, there's no point in stopping, really. It was...well, really fucked up, but pretty good at the same time. I dunno, I'll think of more intelligent comments after I get some sleep.

Two finals left! Think I did well on the English one - rambled for three pages about how Paradise Lost fits the conventions of an epic poem, because if there's one thing I do know incredibly well, it's epic poems. Taking a physics final on six hours of sleep isn't going to be fun, though. Impossible, no, but not enjoyable (not that, y'know, physics is enjoyable to begin with).

April 16, 2007
Epic Win!

One final down, three to go! Today's was by far the worst of the bunch - only one before noon, and the only one of the science ones where nothing other than a few constants is provided (physics has a huge formula sheet, bio is open-notes), as well as the one where I need a good mark to make up for a crappy midterm. My many hours of studying paid off, though, and I will hesitantly say I did decently - probably not the 80% I'd like, but well. Tomorrow is English, which I'm reviewing notes for for the third time, and then Physics on Wednesday, which I've gone over the notes and formulae for, and just finished the last assignment for. So hooray, no more Mastering Physics! ...Until I possibly have to take 102 in third year (if I don't get into Microbi, I don't have to take it, so it's getting deferred).

And I totally got the best care package in the world from my mom today. Yeah, that's right, I have homemade chocolate chip cookies now. And my mom makes the best chocolate chip cookies. Unfortunately, I have no milk to go with them, which will be remedied in a bit. I also now have one of my birthday presents to myself, which was buying DDS2 with the last of my Christmas money. Of course, now I need to finish DDS1 (which I haven't had time/patience for in weeks, ugh) >.>

But not tonight. Tonight is Bravo reality competition shows, because I'm tired and just want to watch silly pretty fluff for a while.

April 15, 2007
RP lulz

I seriously have the worst luck with online games ever XD; I have yet to find a single one that I enjoy, long-term. They all either die, or I find myself getting dissatisfied.

I think I just need to find someone to solo with who can put up with eccentricities. Or write a lot of fic.

April 13, 2007
Oh Wise Intarwebs

Can someone rec me some good Integra/Seras? Sakuracon gave me a craving for it.

Also, you know you've been hanging around Skuld and the Wargamers too long when you think '...I could sleep...or look at porn on 4chan!' and 4chan wins (mind, I don't post, just leech).

April 11, 2007
Brief Interlude

While I continue sourcing my last two Paradise Lost paragraphs (word count is at 1570, and it still has no conclusion), have some photos of Leon the Stage Ninja, as well as Reva and Kari and their two friends, who talked me into stage-ninja'ing for them.

And oh god, tomorrow is ACF, which means my whole floor is going to start the drinking around 9 am. And I have to work tomorrow night, god help me.

EDIT: Final word count: 1765. It needs some editing tomorrow to iron out wonky sentence structures, but other than that, hooray, done!

Essay word count: 1351/~1500

Hooray, not going to be pulling an all-nighter tonight to finish this! I need a conclusion, line references, a few quotations, and some overall editting for coherency - I need to refine what I'm trying to argue so I can make this thing less horribly, horribly disjointed.

Also sent in two job apps last night, one for BC Ferries, and one for an organic grocery store chain that Reva recommended. Fingers crossed that something comes of this - I'm also going to probably go down and apply at Safway this weekend, and see if I can find someone who actually knows something about the Housing and Conferences job.

And I really, really need some caffiene. I've been typoing like crazy all morning.

April 9, 2007

From Melle and Leareth.

Reply and I will

1 - Tell you why I friended you.
2 - Associate you with a song/film.
3 - Tell a random fact about you.
4 - Tell a first memory about you.
5 - Associate you with a character/pairing.
6 - Ask something I've always wanted to know about you.
7 - Tell you my favorite user pic of yours [if it pertains].
8 - In retort, you must spread this disease in your LJ [or blog].

I am totally working on my English essay. Totally. *minimizes window with pirated Sims 2 download*

University, the Crazymaker

So, I had really wanted to come home and just chill today, maybe play some DDS, catch up on tv shows, that sort of thing. And then I thought about my schedule, and realized that ahaha, not happening. It's not actually as bad as it was pre-con (mostly because there's no sewing to be done), but it's still a bit crazy. For everyone else's amusement, my next two weeks:

Tuesday: Work, 8-11:30pm
Wednesday: Classes 10-3, Shadowrun 6-9ish
Thursday: Classes 10-12, Mood Management group 1-3, Work 8-11:30pm
Before Thursday: Cover letter for BC Ferries job app, apply at Choices, 5 page paper on role of women in Cymbeline, The Spanish Tragedy, and Paradise Lost
Friday-Sunday: Study, study, more studying, panic, study, run around like a chicken with it's head cut off, study. Do last Mastering Physics problem set
Monday: Chem final 8:30-11am
Tuesday: English final 3:30-6pm
Wednesday: Physics final 12-2:30
Thursday: Biology final 12-2:30
Friday: Acquire hard liquor and a friend to share it with (probably Yana). Drink and watch ridiculous yaoi anime.

I'm starting today with doing up an outline and intro paragraph for my paper, and printing out some reaction equilibria problem sets, because Chem is by far the final I'm most worried about - had a 60% on the second midterm, which because of my prof's system won't actually destroy my grade, but it's definitely a warning that I need to get my ass in gear.

Oh, and con report won't be written and up for a while, but I do have photos for your enjoyment! They're all up here (and yes, I'm aware of how totally ghetto my Isamu outfit is. It'll get fixed for next con).


Am home, had an excellent time and very little sleep. Will post photos and con report later, as I'm totally about to crash.

(Wait crossing into the US: 45 min. Wait crossing into Canada: 3 min.)

April 5, 2007
Con Time

So, I am about to leave for the Physics Lab from Hell, and then, it is off to catch the bus to go to Sakuracon. As such - to everyone going Anizona and ToA this weekend, have a fabulous time and take lots of photos, and I will be doing the same, and to everybody else - will see you Sunday night. Cosplay order by day is going to go something like Ada - Leon - Isamu, although Isamu may get worn other days too if the other two get too uncomfortable.

And many thanks to the people who offered resume advice last night - I unfortunately don't have time to reply to all the comments right this second.

April 4, 2007

Oh wise internet - if an employmant ad just says to email my resume, to a given e-mail address, do I attach it, or paste it into the body? It's a .doc file. Also, given my status here, where would be an appropriate place to note that I am legally qualified to work in this country, if I should mention it at all? And yes, work permit arrived today from Alberta, so I am good to go for summer employment.

Make It Work Time

Julie and I are both big Project Runway fans, so there has been a lot of Tim Gunn-quoting over the last few days. We're almost done with the costuming, though, which is good - I need to spend about ten minutes to touch up some of the hems on Rinoa, and Chiaki's belt is only about a third done, mostly because it's very time consuming. After that...packing, and some provisioning via the meal plan, and then running around like a maniac tomorrow to get to the bus by three.

And, because I'm horribly indecisive - which should be my comfy back-up costume, Hatori, or mafia!Leon? They're both about equally done and easy to pack - Hatori might be a little more recognizable, but it's minimal.