June 28, 2007
So Apparently I Have A Boyfriend

Yeah, I'm as surprised as I bet all of you are about this. But he's nerdy and socially awkward and probably prettier than I am, and a total sweetheart, so I'll see how things work out.

Here, have a crappy camera phone photo of said boyfriend (his name is Jon) drunk.

June 27, 2007
The Pidgeon Incident

I have apparently aquired a hopping social life recently. This perplexes, but does not displease me. So in the last week, I saw Ocean's Thirteen (which prompted a '...Why can't our plans go off that well in Shadowrun?' 'Because we're broke. And playing against Nick' conversation), baked a very chocolately cake, stayed up until 4am playing Mario Party 8, and got talked into joining a fourth campaign - I'm re-writing Anya for it, as she got basically no play time in RR.

Shadowrun had a bit of amusement last week, too, as alluded to in the subject line. Our idiot mage has a spell that can shapechange people into animals. Unfortunately, clothes don't transform, so when you change back, you're totally naked. In Lucia's case, this was in the middle of a mall parking lot. With nothing to show for it, because we were trying to do surveillance for our next run, but the mage is too stupid to work an RFID camera remotely. It was full of epic fail and much hilarity for the players.

Also, Yana's bedroom keeps being invaded by squirrels in the middle of the night. I told her she should start training them and form a squirrel army.

June 21, 2007
Epic Win!

Sixty-seven in organic! FTW! And Chris passed, so now we're just hoping Andrea did as well.

June 19, 2007
A Great Many Things

Wow, haven't posted in a while - life has been busy, and I still have no internet at home. Summer classes are over, although I don't know what my marks are yet - currently terrified I failed orgo, which is a distinct possibility because the final was what makes or breaks the grade, and I don't have the mark back yet. 77% in the lab, which is...well, not amazing, but not terrible either. I got rather trashed Friday night on coolers and a bunch of Jello shots, and ended up being very sick soon after, which was not my most glamorous moment. But Rayman for the Wii is lots of fun, and I had a great time up until the point where I got very sick, so in the end it was alright. And lastly, our D&D party looks to be short bus-special (I'm the halfling rogue. And the tank), and proving I have no sense of self-preservation, accepted a ride to work from a rich young woman in a black SUV who saw me running to the bus stop only to be ten seconds too late.

...I live a strange and sometimes wonderful life.

And a brief game story that I think people will still find funny even if they weren't there: Shadowrun has a contacts system for people the characters who have established relationships with, business or otherwise. Nick, Almighty GM 1, plays all the contacts and other NPCs, and is very good about giving them distinct personalities. Shiver, who hits on anything female, has a contact who's a stripper named Josie. He calls her for a favor, and much flirting ensues. Which leads to me and and Aaron trying not start laughing hysterically because it's not actually a hot female striper and a good-looking guy having this conversation, it's two nerdy 20-something guys.

June 7, 2007
RIP Sparda

My mp3 player bit the dust Monday night, after a year and a half of faithful service. My best guess is a massive harddrive failure, but it's out of warranty and would cost me $50 just to have Dell tell me what's wrong with it. I'm pretty upset about it, more than I probably should be about a piece of of electronics, but man, I took that thing everywhere. And I didn't think to bring a CD player with me, so all I have is a Walkman that's a genuine artifact of the 80s, and four cassettes, three of which one of my coworkers and me found in a big case someone had dumped in the dumpster at work (some of the other stuff was pretty hilarious), and the last of which is probably a third-gen copy of stuff from the early 90s. My mom is hopefully going to sell me my brother's old mp3 player, which she bought off of him so he could buy a new one, though.

This week has largely kind of blown, actually, which makes me very glad tomorrow is Friday, and I'm going away for the weekend.

Also, I am still desperately short people's phone numbers - I went through my old address book on my phone, but most of those are over a year old, and I know a ton of you have new numbers now. So even if you think I have it, or have posted it somewhere - e-mail it to me anyway.

June 3, 2007

Was going out clubbing after working an eight and a half hour closing shift a good idea? Maybe not. Was is hella fun? Yes.

Last night was Malfunction's Prom event, which means there were decorations, lots of people in fancy clothes, and ridiculously good music - I dressed up and went stag, spent most of the three and a half hours I was there dancing. I didn't bring a camera, but a lot of other people did, so if there are photos uploaded, I'll try and link 'em. The only downpoint was having to flag a taxi at 4am after waiting fourty-five minutes only to realize that the nightbus had probably stopped running. Argh.

I have a day off today, which thus far has mostly been spent sleeping in and futzing around on the internet. I finished DDS1, have very little to say about the ending other than it's totally 'Haha, now you suckers have to buy the second game' (thus _why_ I have little to say), and Angel looks like a bitchy gay man to me. I think it's the combination of the hair and the jacket. Will probably start DDS2 tonight, as it's that or chem studying. Hopefully going to get a cell phone tomorrow, although Canadian rate plans

June 1, 2007
Chem Stuff

Two things - one, I managed to pull off an epic, epic save in lab yesterday morning after making an exceptionally stupid mistake and accidently dumping half of my synthesized compound on the bench. 70% yield in the end, and almost spot-on purity. And two, the massive number of hours I spent studying for today's midterm paid off, and I ended up with an 88%, which would have been even better if I hadn't made one or two stupid mistakes. I'm going to have to put more hours in for the final, but I'm feeling a lot better now. Yana and I were supposed to hang today, but she hasn't come online at all, so I'll probably just head home and play DDS1 some or something.

I had a minor scare last night - server went down, as did the server for my webhost's main page - turns out a fiber optic line in the data center got cut accidently during some construction. So no harm done in the end.