July 31, 2007
Housing Woes

Trying to find somewhere to live for September is making me want to kill people. And then possibly take their house. The rental market out here is kind of shit, particularly if you're looking for a one bedroom. And all my friends (and friends of friends, too) are living on-campus or with their parents, and I don't want a repeat of my current roommate situation, so I have no one to share with.


July 26, 2007
Busy Busy Busy

The lack of internet at home, combined with my roommate, is starting to drive me insane. I am so glad I'm moving in a month, even if I have no clue where to yet. Works is okay - free food and coworker craziness mixed with bitchy customers and one of the more senior people in the department making thinly criticisms about my lack of productivity. Bought the new HP book twelve hours later than half my friends, because the choice was midnight release party versus snuggling with boyfriend, and the latter won. Enjoyed it, don't feel like posting much about it though except most of my predictions came true, and Dumbledore is totally the series' deus ex machina. Watched the first set of the Celebration of Lights fireworks last night, missed some of the effect because we were on the Granville Bridge which was full of cars, but still quite nice. I'm going to try and find a better location for Saturday night. That's about it for now - working lots, spending free time with Jon, dad visiting next week.

July 12, 2007

Six am = a time man was not meant to see. But I'm registered for my core classes, and one of my electives. I need to talk the Religious Studies department into letting me take that class, or webstalk Japanese or something, and then pick one last elective for second term, but I pulled decent times for most of my core courses - nothing before nine-thirty, and at the moment, nothing past three-thirty - which is excellent.

And now, off to work =.=

July 11, 2007

Registration is such a pain in the ass. The massive downside of being in Science is that basically every class you take has a tutorial or lab on top of the lecture (which doesn't make the class any more credits). Which means that I'm limited in when I can take electives, because I've got four Bio classes I have to take, plus one Chem and Microbi. And of course Japanese filled up as soon as the first years registered a month ago, and the Religious Studies class I want filled up yesterday. Might be able to talk my way into that one, but I'm thinking Japanese is a no. So much frustration.

In other, unrelated news, I'm contemplating taking up fencing again after, what, five years of not doing it? I probably suck hardcore now. But it's come in in conversation a few times recently, as it turns out that the entire Tuesday night gaming group fences or used to fence. Guess I'll poke around and see what's avalible...

July 9, 2007
Assorted Tidbits

Filling my free time with work and games and friends, and less so with internet lately. Which means I have a great many things I'd like to post about, and not enough time to post it in, so a lot of stuff will probably just get left by the wayside. Yana's birthday was last Monday, and we had a bit of a party - some drinks, lots of food (bought too much, actually, but with gamers, erring on the side of caution is best), Wii games. Good times. Speaking of Wii games, RE4 for the Wii is pretty sweet - little bit weird getting used to the controls, but really nice when you finally do. Jon bought it Saturday along with some new clothes, and I got socks without holes in them and a USB mouse, which I'm using right now (finally, I can play Halflife!). DnD campaign continues to be short-bus special - our prissy female elven wizard managed to get killed by giant rats and reincarnated into a male dwarf.

There's a bunch of photos from Yana's b-day posted on Facebook - may put some up here, although not sure yet. But one photo for the moment, because the last one I posted of Jon was crappy - better one!