August 31, 2007

Moved, found sketchy mold on stuff from my old place (I am SO GLAD I am out of there), but I am in a shiny new place with internet and a cool landlord and my own private bathroom. I unpacked as much as I could - I still have no furniture, so a bunch of stuff is in boxes still.

The BPAL meet-up last night was lots of fun - we spent three and a half hours going through each other's collections and getting lots of strange looks from other people in the cafe we were at. I had by far the smallest collection, but I still had a few older LEs and discontinued GC blends to share. Managed to trade off most of the stuff I had and didn't like, and acquired a bunch of new imps and a full bottle of Wolf Moon. Everyone else was super-nice, too.

August 29, 2007
So Many Things, So Little Time

Got my schedule sorted out, no thanks to the Lingustics department - I got lucky and there was finally an opening in the section I wanted. I also signed my lease for the next year, and am moving tomorrow night with Jon's help, which means I will have interwebs again pretty much all the time. I somewhat amazingly apparently will be getting my deposit back. There's also a BPAL meet-up this evening which should be awesome. Work is in chaos as half the department is going back to school, but as I am merely a lowly clerk, this is Somebody Else's Problem. People are coming back in the next few days, and now that everything has finally fallen into place, I'm just excited. Got to play Ally again last night, somewhat unexpectedly - one of the Earthdawn guys didn't show, so it was Shadowrun instead. And now I'm going to go pack more and get some McFood, because some days I just want that sweet, sweet artificial flavor.

August 24, 2007

I'm going to be living in East Van this fall, and I've decided that if I get anything, it'll be a car. I still need to get a rough insurance estimate before I make up my mind, though. I'm also hitting a dead-end trying to talk to the Linguistics department about registration in a full tutorial, because there hasn't been anyone in their offices the last two days. So I'm just going to try and e-mail them, and I still need to rope someone into helping me move all my stuff.

I also did go and buy my ticket yesterday, as well as a copy of Judgment (finally!), which I'm listening to right now.

And my touchpad and trackpoint have well and truly died D:

August 23, 2007

VNV Nation, Wednesday September 26 at 9pm. Tickets are $20, and I am going to Zulu right now to buy mine. Anybody else interested?

So excited!

August 22, 2007
Things of a Vehicular Nature

So, as it looks like I may be moving out to East Van, I'm seriously considering a vehicle of some variety. The two major options on the table are buying a car, as I can't legally import my current one, or getting a motorcycle license and buying a motorcycle. As I am a compulsive list maker, here's the break-down for the two options:

Upfront Cost Approximately the same (~$2000). Varies slightly depending on what car/motorcycle I buy, but used prices are comparable
Parking On Campus$84 for one parkade$20 for all parkades + special motorcycle spaces
Parking ElsewherePain in the ass (parallel parking)Slightly less of a PITA
Insurance Costs? (less for motorcycle, though, but ICBC doesn't give quotes without a vehicle)
MPG ($4/gallon) 20 mpg40 mpg
Stuff CarriedFurnitureA weekend camping
Coolness FactorThis piece of shit is supposed to have style?Badass

Any input? I know most of the people here are car owners, but I'm open to all opinions.

Also, my touchpad and trackpoint are acting up - neither left-click button works, and the right-click seems to keep pulling in left-click functionality. Cheapo USB mouse is fine though. Weird.

August 15, 2007
End of Summer

So, I realized last night that summer is almost over - moving in two weeks, and then classes start soon after. I've actually started doing some packing - stuff I'm not going to need in the next two weeks, largely, like costumes and books. Still not entirely sure where I'll be living, but there's a few options on the table. I still actually need to pick a few electives in the next week or two - one for first term at the very least, although I need three total (suggestions, anyone?). Julie, when's move-in for on-campus housing? I think I'm going to have a little welcome-back party the weekend after everyone moves in.

August 8, 2007

Apartment hunting is not going amazingly well, but at least it's going. Still waiting to hear back from a few places. We all died in Shadowrun last night, which is what happens when you decide to take on the local Yakuza clan. After much debate and voting, we decided to make a new, slightly more coherent Shadowrun team, focusing on social justice, which hopefully will last a little longer. So far we've got the eco-warrior, the priest, the political activist, and Robin Hood. The last one is me - I'm rewriting Ally as a technomancer/rigger build, which should be...interesting XD; Technomancers are what you get when you cross magic and the internet, basically.

Pride was also very fun, even though public transit is occasionally ass and made me fifteen minutes late to work. I'll post photos later, I took tons. We also went to Granville Island on Monday, which was also fun - I bought overpriced maple sugar candy, and Nandy kept inquiring into getting a copy of the Necronomicon made. Jon also bought a little Celtic cross pendant he says he's going to nail to my door. Why, I have no clue, but it entertains me.

August 5, 2007

Mp3 player fixed - I managed to stumble across the buttons to get it to boot in safe mode, formatted the harddrive, wiped the OS, and then installed a clean copy of the firmware and retransferred all my music. So I am in business, music-wise.

Just a quick heads-up, though, that I won't be at AE - I didn't ask for it off soon enough and am on for Saturday and Sunday. I may go for Friday to buy shit, say hi to people, reclaim my memory card, and maybe cosplay Leon, but that's about it.

And now I am off to watch the Pride parade downtown before going to work, which should be utterly fabulous.

August 4, 2007

At Jon's leeching internet at the moment. Dad came and visited for a couple days; we had fun and hung out and walked the Stanley Park seawall - fun, aside from the slight sunburn. He brought a bunch of stuff with him, including caffeinated Mountain Dew, cheap instant ramen, Star Wars books (Should I bring 'em Tuesday, Aaron?) and my 'new' mp3 player. Which has already stopped working. Seriously, jokes about me having gremlins aside, I think using Winamp to transfer songs did something nasty to the firmware - any super-tech savvy people on my flist? I know re-installing the firmware will probably do the trick, but my laptop won't recognize the mp3 is plugged in when it is, and thus refuses to install the firmware. Halp pls D:

Also, have now seen the first half of Cowboy Bebop, which is quite good. I caught bits of the dub on Adult Swim way back when and was kind of 'eh', but watching it in order makes it infinitely better. I'd say more on that later, but with my internet connection (or rather, lack thereof)? Not gonna happen. Maybe when we finish it off.