March 13, 2008

Jesus Christ, guys, I'm twenty now. I don't really feel any different, but it's strange to think that I'm not a teenager any more. Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday here or on Facebook :D It was a low-key day - I skipped classes and slept in today because it's been a bad week, and I think I'm coming down with something. And then had cake and sushi and played Shadowrun. Jon gave me Burning Crusade and a pair of sweet mirrorshades, so it was all pretty good.

The depression and anxiety have definately been rearing their heads again, in part because I'm worried about elections (when I go for something, I get really competitive - it's why I don't do cosplay contests any more), and in part because I've really dropped the ball on biochem class - I failed the first midterm, missed one major assignment completely, and am worried about failing the course. So I really need to buckle down and get studying on it. It's giving me terrible insomnia, though, and a very short temper.

But soon spring and the end of classes will be here, and things will be better.