March 26, 2008
Two AM
There's something about two am that inspires me to go on long, epic computer quests, whether it be graphics-making, or a flurry of wiki-ing, or, as tonight, deciding to research and install some new WoW addons. I think it's that at two am, I'm sleepy enough to think that all of this is a brilliant idea, but awake enough to actually carry it out.

And then suddenly it's three am, and you realize you have to be up in six hours for classes. If you're a terrible person like me, you end up deciding to skip said classes to sleep in >.> The notes are up online, and I don't want to deal with people at the club just yet, as I am still too annoyed over elections ('joke' candidate didn't even vote for himself. Gah. I want to kick him in the balls, I think).