March 20, 2008
Managed to get the file exports to work again, so I've cleaned out the old databases, installs, and HTML files (I had <u>three</u> different archive sets), and upgraded to MT4.1

In life-news, slowly getting burned-out by my work/school schedule - I like my co-workers, but the hour to hour and half commute to work and selling overpriced produce to bitchy rich people is getting me down. I'm going to look for a closer job for the summer, but it's frustrating not being able to get jobs in my field because I'm not Canadian (almost all the grants and work opportunities are limited to citizens or permanent residents).

I also went and bought comic books on Sunday - Volume 8 of <i>Sandman</i> (Brief Lives, my favorite story art &hearts;), and Volume 1 of <i>Transmetropolitan</i>, which is awesome and cyberpunky, and which I think I may go buy more of today.

I feel like I should post more, but it would probably be all 'blah blah blah, my life sucks' because I'm an angry, bitter individual. Perhaps there will be WoW-blather later.