March 9, 2008
Web Questions

So the gaming club's hosting is up in a few months, and having seen the package we've got now, it quite frankly blows. I've been pretty happy with the webhost I'm using for, but it's been a good three years since I've actually looked to see what's out there in terms of hosting, and I figured now might be a good time. I know a bunch of you guys have your own domains - any hosts in particular you really like?

Second, I'm running for election as Games Librarian. One of the things that really needs to be done is re-cataloging all the stuff the club has - this is a mix of board games, card games, RPG books, novels, and magazines, and there's about twenty lockers of it. I was thinking that it might be a good idea to publish this to the web and make it available on the club site - basically have listings of titles tagged with type of material, genre, etc, maybe with a brief blurb about the source if I'm feeling really ambitious. The big thing is I'd like the tags to act as filters - be able to search for something that is both a board game AND fantasy, for instance. I'm not entirely certain how to do this, though - I know a lot of the blogging scripts out there now a days have built-in tagging systems, but as I am far too lazy to actually use them, I have no idea if tags can be compounded the way I mentioned. Input, anyone?