April 14, 2008
A Brief Rant
I want to make it a long rant, but it is already far, far too late to still be awake, so brief will have to do. I have an acquaintance. We shall call him J, because he's a privacy freak (and this is coming from me, a singularly cautious and paranoid individual) - people from the club will probably know who I'm talking about. J is, in short, an arrogant, judgmental asswipe, who is convinced that he is 1) God's gift to the ladies, and 2) The Shit. He is neither. He has managed to earn the animosity of almost everyone who has to deal with him, and I swear to god, if  he says 'That's such a chick thing to do' to me again, I will hurt him. Because god forbid I want to actually get to know people on the internet (or in this case, in WoW), and use LJ to do so, which is apparently only women do.

Unrelated, but on a similar vein, there is really no good way to tell a friend that you would rather go into the wilderness and gouge your eyes out with blackened sticks than deal with his girlfriend. Because I really would, as said girlfriend is the bitchy, whiny, passive-aggressive, 'I'm a girl on the internet so I'm special, pay attention to me' female version of the aforementioned J. I've settled on trying to avoid her as much as humanly possible, both online and off, but Christ, does she piss me off.