April 7, 2008
Assorted Updates
1) I am sick of being sick. Sinus infections (which I'm fairly certain I have) suck.

2) I have started the job hunt anew, because I'm sick of traveling an hour each way to sell overpriced produce to bitchy rich people. Particularly when a few of the staff I like have quit or been fired. So I went by the mall today, filled out an application for Chapters, dropped off resumes at both EB Games (selling my soul, I know) and Lush, and learned that Best Buy and Futureshop do all their applications online. So I'll see what comes of it.

3) I bought more Transmetropolitan while I was at it, because Warren Ellis has made me into a corporate whore. It's so good, though.

4) Have begun cleaning up the garden out back - it's a mess, though, so it's a little daunting. Updates to follow when I actually get somewhere.

5) I really love Moon Guard - I made an alt there, because I'm insane and decided I wanted to try WoW RP, and it's apparently <em>the</em> RP server. And it's really refreshing, because I can actually leave Trade on with out wanting to murder people. The stupidity level seems amazingly low.