April 1, 2008
Computer Woes, Shopping Sprees, and Other Things
So, last week was not a good week for computers around here - Jon managed to get some sort of boot-sector virus on his PC, and in the process of trying to remove it, managed to fry his master boot record - any advice from the technically inclined here? He's got a new HD and reinstalled the OS (XP Pro), but the computer won't recognize the old HD as actually existing, so we have no idea how to fix it.

Oh, and then I spilled pineapple juice all over my laptop. Dead serious. Thank god it's a Thinkpad - the keyboard took the brunt of the spill, and everything is working pretty much as intended (I'm using it right now), although half the keys are now slightly sticky, and smell of pineapple. Such is life - hopefully with enough acquired dust in the keyboard, the stickiness will go away.

I also bought a ton of stuff over the last two days - I've decided to clean up and re-plant the garden in the back yard, because I love fresh veggies and it's a mess right now, so I bought a bunch of gardening supplies. I also finally bought a wireless doorbell (there are four doors between outside and my living room, so I don't hear knocks), and a water filter pitcher. I also went out yesterday and splurged, and bought three more volumes of Transmetropolitan, because this comic is amazing.

The weather has been nicer lately - still cold for spring, particularly out here, but it's bright and sunny out, and it's finally taking the edge off the anger and depression I've been feeling for the last few weeks. So that's good. I sat in the sun and chatted with Rosie and Julie for a while this morning, and that was good. Hopefully I can get things back on track now.