September 26, 2008
Useful Discoveries of the Evening

1) The PS3 can play AVIs off of data DVDs. No more hunching over my little laptop screen!
2) My tv remote works on both televisions (likely because they're the same brand)

This makes up for dealing with arguably the club's biggest asshole - not J (surprisingly!) but George. He doesn't come by much, but he came for the icebreaker tonight, and Christ, I don't have the words to describe how much of an asshole he is. He gets his kicks fucking over as many people as possible.

September 22, 2008
Things That Are Awesome
September 16, 2008
Webhost Stupidity

Man, I kinda want to punch whoever set up the club's hosting plan (I think I know who it was, and I won't _actually_ punch him, but it's tempting). I know my host for here can be problematic sometimes (usually about billing - never had tech problems), but seriously, I'm getting roughly ten times the features for the same price the club pays. I was trying to install Gallery, so we can have some online photo albums of events, and discovered that I couldn't install Gallery2, because trying to add a second MySQL database (the first is used for the forums) failed because "The total cost of the resources you are trying to purchase exceeds your credit". So I went back to Gallery1 (less awesome than 2, but still awesome), and then discovered I had to install an image processing library myself, because the host has no image processing libraries installed - I don't think it has any Perl modules installed at all.

I did finally get it all working, though, and it has reminded me of two things - 1) I have gotten really rusty at webstuff and 2) despite that, I still enjoy working on webstuff, and the satisfaction that comes from fixing all the problems with something.

September 14, 2008

A late-night post because while I'm tired, I can't sleep. A little bit of QQ here, although I feel entitled as 1) this is my blog and 2) I haven't done all that much whining here recently, except about how much I hate my job. I was reading through some of my old entries, looking for something, and I started thinking about how it seems like my creativity has become all but non-existent lately. I know I was never one of those people who posted tons of fic or whatever, but I do have a sizable collection of fragments of things, almost none of which have been written in the last two and a half years. And part of my problem, I think, is that along with feeling increasingly zombie-like, all the time, I've also been losing my ability to focus on things. One of the reasons I haven't been blogging much is that while I have things I'd like to talk about, I can't string the ideas together in a way that's coherent (heh, even this post is getting a little garbled). It's frustrating, because it makes me feel useless, and so far, there's no medical reason for me to feel this way - I've had a ton of tests done, and everything has come up totally normal. The next step is trying out a few possible meds to deal with the tiredness, one of which is used off-label to treat ADHD, so I'm hoping that works out.

...I'm not even entirely sure why I'm posting this. While frustrating, I'm not actually massively upset about this (particularly as it will change nothing, other than making me feel more like crap) - guess I just feel like talking.

September 13, 2008
State of Gaming

Because the only other thing I have to blog about is school, and there's not much to say about that - genetics is win, biostats is easy, everything else is alright. So, gaming it is!

Earthdawn: Managed to escape almost certain death with only a Horror mark and an ancient ritual written on metahuman skin >.> The ritual may help us accomplish our goal of sealing away one of the nastiest Named Horrors in the world, but it may be all lies. We haven't killed J's warrior yet, but only because we need the meatshield.

Shadowrun I: has been canceled in a fit of fanboy rage over the newest book, to be replaced by...

Mage: We haven't actually started playing yet, but I'm excited. We've got a pretty cohesive group going, aside from perhaps the mixed martial artist (J, again).

Shadowrun II: We finally got through the first adventure! And also witnessed the opposite ends of the fixer spectrum - Predator's gang contact, Jorge, and Harlequin's high-class fixer, Byron (yes, he looks somewhat like the Byron. And hangs around gentlemen's clubs).

World of Darkness: Soon to be a Hunter: The Vigil campaign! My character's lab has been infested with evil rats who are stealing lab equipment and brewing things in the fume hoods at night :<

World of Warcraft: Hit 70, started raiding. It's fun! Not much else to say than that XD