October 23, 2008

A belated happy Halloween to everyone \o/ I dressed up as a zombie hunter (read: wore two-thirds of Leon), and went out to Rosie/Julie/Justin's Halloween party and got rather drunk and had a wonderful time. Also went to see Video Games Live on Wednesday, which was great fun - we went out for some excellent Italian before hand, and the music was amazing, although I felt it needed more Chrono Trigger and less random blathering from the host. The music was a nice mix of genres and ages - there was the typical Zelda/Mario/Squeenix properties, but also Halo, MGC, an oldschool arcade medley, Warcraft and Starcraft, Metroid, Castlvania, and a surprisingly beautiful piece from Civ IV.

In Warcraft news, my guild is now 3/5 in Mt Hyjal (which is hella fun as a mage, although it makes my graphics card cry), and we're heading into SSC tomorrow. I've also started playing Warcraft III, which is surprisingly fun, even if Arthas is basically the ultimate retnub, and all of the humans other than Uther and Jaina are total idiots. Lordaeron deserves a kingdom-wide Darwin Award, because their fall really is their fault.

Also, I've started digging around in Warcraft fanfic, because apparently I hate myself. Illidan/Kael is really deeply fucked up, but also interesting and pretty hot >.> I'm ashamed to admit that yes, I ship it. And kind of Thrall/Jaina, because it's sweet and a little silly, and they're both made of epic win, even if Thrall likes leeroying, as Olv so eloquently put it XD

...Although I'm remembering now why I don't go to FF.net any more - I just found these little gems:
Arthas and Thrall: Homosexual Lovers by

After years of having a loving relationship with Thrall, Arthas feels he needs to end it.


A young Blood Elf male Hunter goes to Ashenvale to catch himself one of the elusive Elder Ashenvale Bears, but when he finds a rare, purplish bear, the young Blood Elf gets much more than he bargained for. Yaoi, MM, Slash, PwP.

...And, of course, assorted other self-inserts, as they are very, very easy in an MMO-verse.

4. Itchy. Tasty.

So the pre-WotLK world event got released today, and it's a zombie plague which players can contract and spread. It's lots of fun, although in some cases a little buggy (Shattrath City is a sanctuary, so nobody can fight back against zombies there).

So, in honor of this, have some awesome music.

October 22, 2008
Don't Mind the Frothing, It's Probably Not Contagious

Posting this here, as I don't want to actually get involved in the wankfest, but aaaaargh must say something somewhere *froth* Basically, WoWInsider posted a short interview with a GBLT-positive guild on US-Proudmoore. There were a surprisingly large number of positive comments, but of course the inevitable internet wankfest occured (complete with Godwin!), and in among the back and forth, there was a special little comment that got looked over in the general melee, and made me seethe with rage.

Internet stupidity and my unposted reply to it:

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October 9, 2008
So, just a quick gem from my stats homework - someone, in a test of Murphy's Law, dropped almost ten thousand pieces of buttered toast and recorded which side it landed on. Statistics say that Murphy was right, and toast does land buttered side down more often (62.11% of the time)