November 23, 2008
Out of Hiding

So hey, I haven't posted much lately >.> Mostly because I feel like I don't have any particularly insightful commentary to offer here, which, well, is the way I've been feeling most of the time lately - I'm a lurker on the message boards of life.

Part of this is the fact that depression has reared it's ugly head again, and while I know that I am not intrinsically worthless as a human being/my friends do not all secretly hate me (or do you >.>)/etc, it's still left me wanting to spend most of my free time either just surfing the internet, or curled up in bed asleep, both of which are somewhat counter-productive to getting things done, and makes me rather unfun to be around. Hopefully things'll get better after exams are all done.

Some random assorted thoughts, opinions and notes:

-WotLK is basically amazing. Northrend is beautiful, there's a lot of innovation in the new quests (less FedEx, more harpoon surfing!). The Death Knight starting quest chain is fucking awesome, and while I know like 75% of the DKs out there are all basically huntard2.0, I've been having a lot of fun leveling mine - she's Frost-tank specc'ed, so I've been making Olvia teach me the joys of tanking (ilu Olv <3)

-FFX-2 should really be subtitled 'strippers go on an adventure!', because seriously, while I roll my eyes at WoW's plate bras, if you've got a shirt on, most outfits are actually pretty covering, and nobody wears heels. C'mon Yuna, you're too smart to run around climbing ancient ruins in stilettos, really. It's actually pretty fun if I think of the game as a crack AU, rather than a genuine sequel, although I got two hours in and then remembered why I stopped playing Squeenix games - running in circles for twenty minutes trying to click on everything and everyone to get what the game wants me to do to actually advance the plot gets really annoying.

-My SR campaign looks like it's going to be ending a mission and a half in - we're probably losing the hacker, and possibly losing the street sam, come second term, and people are too frustrated with the rules to go through the trouble of resorting everyone's skills and stats to cover the empty spots. Quote of the game - 'his little squirrel paws move faster than the speed of sound!'. I'm going to try my hand at running Earthdawn, which I love as a system, and which is less reliant on having a particular group composition, but which is also a lot more plot-heavy (plot, my one weakness! *hides*)

-The Gamers: Dorkness Rising manages to be even more awesome and hilarious than the original. I highly, highly recommend it to all my tabletop-gaming buddies.