November 12, 2008

I remember now why I absolutely hate writing scientific papers (and thus likely am totally unsuited for grad work). Between

1) the hideously clunky and unhelpful search engines most of the databases use
2a) trying to figure out what is free online, what my uni has subscriptions to online, and what my uni has subscriptions to in print
2b) trying to figure out how to configure the library VPN to access online subscriptions at home
2c) trying to dig up print copies from the dusty basement storage of the various libraries on campus
3) attempting to decipher poorly scanned PDFs of print copies of articles written for people with at least three degrees more than I have

I start to feel like beating my head against a brick wall for an hour would be ultimately more satisfying. Seriously, I just need to know what a good quantifiable variable for rat uterine contractions is so I can spend my entire evening analyzing a pile of contraction traces.

The mean-spirited part of me hopes that the Wrath release crashes all the servers horribly for the next four days, because I want the rest of the world to share in my misery - six hours of class tomorrow, two small assignments due Friday, and then this lab report due Monday.

(I will admit the five hours of sleep I got last night is not helping my mood at all)