May 27, 2009
Re: Gloves
Dear momijizukamori,

The LR10 (small) were temporarily out of stock. We have more on the way, and hopefully will ship by the end of next week via USPS Priority. I apologize for the delay. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

fffffffffff I HATE YOU WORLD. It's like life wants me to have crappy Rufus gloves for all eternity. (Con is June 12-14th, International Priority is going to be a week minimum, probably closer to two because Canada Post is full of failure)

BRB drowning my sorrows (metaphorically) with a bubble bath.

Value Village Adventures

So, started the day kind of unhappy because Crazy Buckle Vest is still at an impasse, and I haven't recieved a shipping notice for the fingerless gloves I bought on Friday, and Canada Post has been hella slow lately, but I went out to Value Village in search of shoes for Uranus, and came back with many things!

-First and foremost, I did actually find the perfect pair of boots to cover for Uranus - pair of three-inch stiletto heel, just-short-of-midcalf brown leather boots. Really nice, I almost feel guilty about the fact that I'm going to be gluing blue satin all over them.

-Movies! Because I realized it's actually cheaper to buy the $2 VHS tapes there than to rent a DVD. Grabbed Galaxy Quest, To Wong Foo, Terminator (which I have never seen!), the Star Trek 25th anniversery special (it looks to be cheesy, but hopefully awesomely so), and The Secret of Nimh (my childhoooood)

-Books! Which I can get for free from the library, but they had a few I actually wanted to own - Abhorsen, Angel of Darkness, and then a copy of the Moosewood Cookbook from the mid-90s and a bartending guide from 2004

-And, last but not least, a shot glass chess set. Bought it for the sheer WTF factor because it was only $8 - not sure it will ever actually used to play chess, as, to quote Jon, "After I lost about four pawns I think I'd just give up and drink the king," but it's still pretty awesome.

May 26, 2009

I had a long epic post I composed in my head during work today, but then I got home and was too tired to actually type it up, so instead, brief cosplay ranting - Rufus's Crazy Buckle Vest may in fact drive me crazy. First the straps were too narrow (I failed to account for the super heavy satin eating like a good quarter inch of width along the seam), and then I made new ones and now these are too wide for the buckles I have. It makes me want to scream and throw things in frustration, though I think the saner plan is to just put the thing down and go to bed.

May 23, 2009
Sakuacon '09 Photos

Because let's face it, I am a lazy bitch and am totally not going to write a real con report. So! Full photos gallery is here - it's compiled from five different cameras so it is massive and, unfortunately not in chronological order because each camera had a different naming scheme and I didn't get around to figuring out how to give them a consistant naming scheme. Highlights below!

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May 22, 2009
I am a Fabric Whore

Posted mostly for the edification of Mara-cookie, who understands how I feel about these things, but also because eeee fancy fabric. So. Fabric I've bought so far for AC!Rufus (yes, I am going to make the absurd pants):

- 2 yards of black cotton/linen blend
- 2 yards of white pure linen
- 5 5/8 yards of ivory tricotine wool
- 1 yard of heavy black satin
- 1 yard of heavy black polyester lining

It turns out AC!Rufus's suit jacket has a subtle white-on-white pinstripe - so subtle that you can only see it in a five second shot in the high-def version of AC. I decided that there wasn't any real way of capturing that in the real world (if the pinstripe is there it's going to be really obvious), not to mention that finding a fabric like that would basically be impossible, so I am skipping out on it, though it makes my accuracy-minded soul burn. I also think I'm going to do a very narrow zipper like the Turk suits have in the interests of preserving my own sanity (the jacket appears to have no fasteners at all in the few clear shots of it)

May 20, 2009
"Space is disease and danger wrapped in darkness and silence."

I think Belna gave me her sinus infection over the internet, QQ. I've been all congested and exhausted this week, to the point where I asked for a half day today so I could go home, get a few things done, and then sleep really early. Some of the BPAL I bought arrived today, though, which filled me with joy and happiness - bottle of Thunder Moon (which I dabbed just a touch of on and have now been sniffing at for like the last hour) plus some imps off my wishlist.

Non-spoiler thoughts on the new Star Trek movie: it was amazing, and I will probably go see it again. Definitely has stuff for both fans and non-fans to love. Spoilery thoughts:

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May 19, 2009

Care of the K/S comm, have some classic TOS bloopers. Finding that has made my morning a great deal brighter XD

May 17, 2009
Even More Things Cocoa Doesn't Like

So the original installments are four years old now, but I am feeling all crankypants today, so why not.

-Getting to work only to discover that I am not actually working today (sounds awesome, but I have an hour commute each way, so that was two hours of my day I could have still been asleep)
-My job in general (it leaves me sore and exhausted every day - too bad the economy is shit and it pays pretty well)
-Having to listen to my landlord's easy listening jazzy shit (his sound system > my sound system, so blocking it out would wake up my sleep deprived roommate)
-Sleeping badly (it was okay during the school year, but the last two weeks? Ugh)
-Washing dishes by hand (wet food bits make me go UGH UGH UGH *flail*)
-My flakey roommate (who still hasn't decided if he's staying for the whole summer or not)

Okay, going to attempt to channel my grumpiness into cleaning, because the house is a mess (still), and I am hoping to find the missing glove.

May 12, 2009

I think this sums it up:

(7:47:05 PM) jyuulii: omg you have videogame eyes
(7:47:09 PM) momijizukamori: I KNOW

(My incredibly expensive blue contacts came in today, and they look amazing, which totally makes up for the fact that they like migrating in my eyes, causing some peripheral haziness, because the base curve is a lot different from my usual one - being so near-sighted meant these were the only option, though)

(For those curious: comparison with the normal colour [you can really see the migration there], indoors with flash, outdoors without flash)

May 9, 2009

First week back at work = madness. The department manager is on vacation, so of course that's the cue for everything to go wrong - suppliers screwing up orders, people pulling no-shows for shifts, etc. Four days a week with two eight am shifts (meaning six am wake-ups) is hard to get used to, too, but I keep reminding myself of all the awesome stuff I will finally have the money for.

On the cosplay front, the bodysuit for Uranus is basically done - just need to hem the neckline and add snaps to attach the collar with, and then decide if I want to attach the bows permanently or make them removable as well. Then it is accessory time \o/

Also, my washing machine picked tonight to flood over (well, more accurately, the drain for the washing machine flooded, not the machine itself). GG, life.

May 2, 2009
Cosplay Status Update

Stuff for AE, mostly, as that is next in line.

Super Sailor Uranus (which I have been working on all week)
-Back bow, collar and choker are all done
-Skirt is lined and ironed but not pleated and attached
-Front bow needs little heart charm, otherwise done
-Have (hideously expensive) leotard fabric, must find a store that actually carries Green Pepper or Kwik Sew patterns
- Boots and gloves - not started. Couldn't find any good base shoes for less than $30 at Payless, so it's thrift store time

-Must solve wrinkly fabric issue QQ
-Black glove still MIA (if I have to buy a third pair of those I will be angry - first pair fell victim to mold in sketchy basement suite)
-Must acquire stuffed black panther to transform into Dark Nation (Jon finally solved the 'cat or dog?' Dark Nation debate - the answer is 'displacer beast')
-Shotgun - discover who has power tools I can borrow >___>
-Order blue contacts now that I know precisely how blind I am
-Low Priority - buy a real black turtleneck (while Rufus wearing TB!Subaru's shirt amuses me, it means I can't do any jacketless photos without looking silly), sew matching vest (Three-piece suit yeaaaaah)

-Buy a new leg holster buckle
-See: gloves for Rufus
-Belt pouches? Probably too poor for this summer, though
-chest strap and and knife sheath for the shoulder holster
-fake guns that don't look like crap (again, probably too poor XD)

Also, I am totally wearing Rufus to this because Rufus is awesome and classy and would totally go to fancy concerts with his bodyguard.