July 16, 2009
DMC4 Intro thoughts

Because my roommate is chill and borrowed it from one of our friends, and then installed it for me while I was at work today \o/

-Dante gets impaled on a sword in the first mission. He really does totally get off on that.

-I am sad they missed a great opportunity to use the phrase 'the legendary dark knight Sparda', although they came close.

-Five bucks says Credo is evil >.> He has the little evil goatee and everything.

-Oh DMC scriptwriting and voiceacting, you never change (I leave it to the reader to decide if this is a plus or a minus)

-Neither does the music (I feel this is a minus)

-Gloria is badass, but oversexualised to the point where it passes through creepy and in to absurd. I really hope that it's supposed to be ironic or...something

-I am liking the new combat system - unless the style moves, I actually use the devil arm.

-GO GO OBNOXIOUS MISSION 2 END BOSS. Okay, so he wasn't quite as bad as Cerberus.

-The missions in this one seem a lot longer than DMC3.