July 13, 2009
FF Distant Worlds

Distant Worlds was on Friday \o/ Jon and I did end up dressing up in cosplay, and ended up being two of the like...four people who did, but instead of making me feel like a dorky tool, this actually made things even more awesome and full of win. So, point form, because I cannot write coherently right now.

The Awesome:
-Concert itself - the song line-up was amaaaazing. I think the piece that impressed me the most was the opera from FF6, as they actually had three opera singers doing it.
-Getting high-fives on the way to the venue
-The guy who came up to me and very solemnly said said 'Do I have the honor of addressing the president of Shinra?' to me, and then, after shaking my hand, turned to Jon and added 'And the leader of the Turks as well?'
-Having an ex-military guy first recognize my outfit, and then recognize the tactical gloves I bought for said outfit, and then spent the next five minutes telling me how they were the most awesome shooting gloves ever.
-"RUFUS I LOVE YOU" from the Sephiroth girl from AE - she looks waaaay different without the wig
-Sitting in the sekrit composer section - seriously, Nobuo sat a row behind us, and Jeremy Soule was two rows back. Crazy.
-FF Distant Worlds in Vancouver in October omggggg

The Not-Awesome
-Getting stuck with a Dodge Caliber from the rental car agency - thing has a tiny back windshield, awful sight lines, and the turning radius of a stoned cow.
-Having to wake-up at six-thirty to get aforementioned rental back in time (one day rental)
-Having my new Underworks binder (which btw is pretty sweet, more on that at a later date), after several hours of driving around, and walking around Kinokuniya and being fine, suddenly start digging in really badly half-way through after-concert dinner.
-Freaking out about parking at Kinokuniya (we had some trouble finding the lot, and I can't parallel park, so panic ensued)