July 16, 2009
Music Time!

Because I have been on an FFX kick all week, and in my brain, FFX = beautifully depressing alt-folk music. I will probably upload all of the amazing FFX FST someone made a few years back at some point, once I've sorted through my files (along with the amazing Turks FST of the same era, because FUCK YEAH TURKS), but in the meantime, have some random tracks that I love.

Drew Bunting - Gin (I share this one a lot, because I love it deeply. In my mind it's always been about Dante and Vergil and how they need each other to function even though their relationship is totally fucked up)
Iron & Wine - Jezebel (Someone this got stuck in my brain as an Ada/Leon song. No, I can't really explain it now either. Regardless, a haunting little song)
Sufjan Stevens - For the Widows in Paradise, for the Fatherless in Ypsilanti (came to off aforementioned awesome FFX FST - to me, this is first and foremost about Yuna, but also secondly about Braska. It's not quite about their relationship, but it is most definitely about the type of people they both are - "I'll do anything for you" indeed)
Vienna Teng - Antebellum (I debated which Vienna Teng song to share, as I love almost everything she's done, but I've posted a bunch of her older stuff in the past. This one is my favorite off her new album, and it really worms its way into your brain)

And the most depressing one of all is not actually alt-folk, but instead EBM.

VNV Nation - Forsaken (vocal) (This exists in my brain as the song for a very depressing 'what if' Rufus/Tseng scenario born out of a mistranslation in the NA Playstation release of FF7 - if Rufus thought Tseng died at the Temple of the Ancients, his move in the whole situation with Diamond Weapon could be seen as a form of suicide, because say what you will, but the man does nothing by half-measures. The correct script translation pretty much kills it off, but it's a beautiful song about loss anyway)

And, while I'm at it, have a lovely sad little FFX fic I stumbled across the other day - Lives Last (character death, light one-sided Auron/Braska)