September 13, 2009

So getting drunk on Bailey's last night and then staying up 'til three am reading FF7 fanfic was apparently not a great idea, because I feel crappy today. Not even really hungover-crappy, just...out of it and in a funk. Thus why I am sitting here morosely sipping at my tea and playing Flash minigames on MSN Gaming Zone.

I dunno, I just have this looming sense that I've horribly overcommitted myself again. Four classes this term, which are all interesting but fairly intense (one of them is actually a graduate-level class hahaha), Tuesday night gaming - I'm starting a campaign of my own up again, a comission for Mara-cookie I'm kind of tearing my hair out over, waiting to hear back from another job...I'd like to take a martial arts class but am terrified of looking like a total tool (and weeabo, out here - they don't joke about 'UBC' standing for 'University of a Billion Chinese' for nothing), and it would cut 'nights I can raid' down from like...two or three to none. I enjoy WoW, but...I think even with getting home before 7:30pm every night I still totally don't have the time for it.

QQ, fml, etc. I did get a little more writing down before the ennui and angst kicked in, so fic just needs some bits and pieces to connect the middle to the ending properly and some heavy editing. It is the longest piece of fiction I think I've written ever.